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January 05, 2010

Nutjob watch: Marriage equality as a gentrification ploy

I haven't been keeping up with TheMail at because I'm frankly sick of reading Gary Imhoff's bigoted and dishonest rants, but you may find this message from Joyce Little of interest, from the Dec. 20 issue:

On December 15, the DC city council voted and passed a bill allowing the legalization of same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia. This is a very bad bill for the faith community and the 320,307 African Americans living in DC. As a Christian, it is obvious to me that this bill is bad because it is in direct contradiction with my Christian faith, which recognizes homosexuality as an abomination.

Now let’s move on to the economic impact that this bill will have on this region. Proponents of same-sex marriage are touting how much money this bill will bring to the region. No doubt the real estate and building industries are poised for a huge pay day. But what about low-income and working-class African Americans who have grown up in this city and are struggling to eke out a living the best way they can amidst 20 percent underemployment and unemployment. They will be the big losers. Once this bill is passed homosexuals from all over the country and world will flock to DC like pigeons on a piece of bread. They will overwhelm the city, buying up expensive condominiums and accelerating gentrification. The council will continue to enact laws to allow real estate companies to increase rents and convert rental property to condominiums. Low income and working class people will not be able to afford to live in these properties and will have to leave the city, amounting to a mass exodus. What this bill economically amounts to is a legalized land grab, something the establishment has been trying to accomplish for years but have been unable to do until now. Just look at what has happened in Chinatown — the Asian community in DC has been decimated.

What can we do? On December 7, I filed a complaint in DC US District Court against the mayor and the council to try and stay the final vote of the same-sex marriage bill. Although the judge did not grant the order, she will hear the case before the congressional review period is over. This is an opportunity to actually get the judge to allow for a referendum or initiative, which the city has tried to block. I need everyone who has a dog in this fight to pull together. I believe as a Christian, a native Washingtonian, and a small business owner, that we can fight this battle and win. But I need more troops. We must have a call to action. I am moving by Tuesday to file for a referendum and an initiative and would like to talk with anyone who would like to join me. If you want to review the court case, please E-mail me at

How desperate. Once again, we see an effort to portray gay couples as exclusively white and economically privileged. Nothing will come of this, but it's good to keep track of what intolerant people are saying.


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