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June 17, 2010

More gay panic from Perkins and FRC


The following was included in yesterday's "Washington Update" email from Tony Perkins at the right-wing Family Research Council:

Icing on the Gay Wedding Cake?

What's left for homosexual activists to do after they've trampled voters on their way to the alter? In Washington, D.C., where same-sex "marriage" is legal (for now), the gay and lesbian crowd is just getting warmed up. Apparently, their updated political agenda spans everything from classroom infiltration to legalizing prostitution. During this week's "pride parade," newspapers snapped photos of some influential marchers. Among them, D.C.'s public school chancellor Michelle Rhee was carrying a sign that hinted of things to come in the Capital city's schools: "DCPS Supports All Kids and All Families," it read. Other pockets of the community are loudly proclaiming that same-sex "marriage" isn't the end of the road, but the beginning of a shocking new agenda. "I don't believe in unilateral political disarmament," said one resident.

The battle now heads to the ballot booth, and the roadmap there can be found in the Left's "Agenda 2010: An Election-Year Guide to Local LGBT Issues in Washington, D.C." Local groups will try to elect more homosexuals to places of power, push in-school gay-straight alliances, support D.C. sex-oriented businesses, defend adult entertainment, grant special perks to cross-dressing prisoners, force same-sex adoption, and legalize sex trafficking. Lots of people in this country mistakenly believe that this community will be satisfied when it redefines marriage. That's not the case. Homosexuals and transgenders won't be happy until they sever every moral underpinning in America. This has never been about "acceptance" or "equality" but about a devastating strategy meant to destroy innocence, the family, local communities, public health, and parental authority.

Wow, that crams a lot of lies into one small space. Let me start by reassuring everyone that GLAA has no wish to "destroy innocence, the family, local communities, public health, and parental authority." BTW, we are the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, not "the Left." (Of course, the anti-gay right considers all gay rights advocacy to be inherently leftist. They remain so shocked and horrified at the notion that gay and transgender people should have a right to exist that they cannot distinguish between, say, GetEQUAL's Robin McGehee and Andrew Sullivan. If Andrew's a leftist, I'm a hip-hop artist.)

I hate to break it to Tony Perkins, but same-sex adoption has been the law in D.C. since 1995, thanks to a court ruling [In re M.M.D. v. B.H.M., 662 A.2d 837 (D.C. 1995)]. It is not about "forcing" adoptions, but about serving the best interests of the child by not arbitrarily excluding an entire group of people from consideration as potential parents based on bias and junk science. The science shows that there is no harm to children of gay parents. OTOH, if lies were crude oil, a child forced to listen to Tony Perkins would resemble a brown pelican in Grand Isle, Louisiana these days.

As to transgender prisoners: "cross-dressing" may seem to Perkins a cute way of denigrating them, and we can all feel the Christian love motivating that comment. But gender identity cannot be reduced to "cross-dressing." We are talking about human beings who have a right to live in safety and dignity — even those who have fallen afoul of our ridiculous and utterly counterproductive laws criminalizing the sex trade. In any case, the D.C. Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression. Protecting transgender detainees from harassment, abuse and assault is hardly providing "special perks."

It is amusing how the radical religious right gets its panties in a wad over the prospect of other people enjoying adult entertainment, considering that porn consumption is highest in the Bible Belt. As we have said many times, anyone who disapproves of nude dancing is free to avoid establishments that feature it. We in GLAA believe that the greater harm is done by moralizing hypocrites who want to use the government to stick their noses in their neighbors' business. In any case, it is more than a stretch to twist our conservative case against the prostitution laws into support for "sex trafficking," which sounds like we are supporting the international sex slave trade. Um, no. We are about choice. As I wrote in our item on prostitution, the problems associated with the sex trade "derive substantially, albeit not exclusively, from prostitution’s forced existence underground." Legalizing and regulating prostitution would give us a way to rescue sex workers from pimps and others who exploit them. Anyone who enslaves people, for sex or any other purpose, should be in prison. That Perkins would suggest otherwise is just a cheap slander. We realize that we waded into a taboo by bringing up the subject of the oldest profession (which BTW we first raised two years ago), but Perkins's panicked tone makes me think he should try hiring one of George Rekers's rent boys for a few hours and work off some tension.

Finally, the claim that gay and transgender people seek to "sever every moral underpinning in America" implies that Mr. Perkins has the first clue about America's moral underpinnings. We in GLAA are fighting for LGBT people's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness here in Washington, D.C. The reason why the First Amendment includes protection for religious liberty is because America's Founders were familiar with the likes of Perkins and his cohorts. I should thank Perkins, incidentally, for pointing his readers to our news release announcing "Agenda: 2010," since it gives people the opportunity to read what we actually wrote.

Oh, one more thing. Thanks to D.C. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee for the fine sentiment she expressed in the Capital Pride Parade, shown above. The true scandal should be that anyone could find fault with it.

Update: I forgot to address the charge that we have trampled D.C. voters. Aside from the sheer obnoxiousness of our opponents' pose of self-righteousness in defending people's right to vote on their neighbors' rights, the fact is that D.C. voters consistently elect gay-affirming candidates. Our opponents' "Let the People Vote!" cry depends upon the notion that the voters were sleepwalking for the past three decades, utterly oblivious to the fact that the councilmembers and mayors they kept voting for supported gay rights. Please. Mr. Perkins, we won fair and square by long participation in the political process, and you lost. You and your allies thought that you could win on the cheap by stoking panic with your usual pack of lies. In so doing you woefully underestimated the people of Washington. God bless this city.


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