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March 27, 2012

The #NOM racial agenda exposed

Maine conducted an investigation into possible financial irregularities by the National Organization in their successful quest to have marriage equality repealed in the state.  Some of the documents they collected as part of the investigation have now been released.  This has led to quite a bit of press coverage with much of it focused on their strategy to exploit racial issues.  The say in

"Not a Civil Right" Project

The majority of African-American, like the majority of Americans, oppose gay marriage, but Democratic power bosses are increasingly inclined to privilege the concerns of gay rights groups over the values of African-Americans.  A stragegic goal of this project is to amplify the voice and the power of black Americans within the Democratic Party.  We aim to find, equip, energize and connect African-American spokespeople for marriage; tp deve;pp[ a media campaign around their objects to gay marriage as a civil right.  No politician wants to take up and push an issue the splits the base of the party.

The documents cites a $1.5 million budget for this effort.

African-Americans have faced and continue to face enormous discrimination, including in employment, housing, and public accomodation.  They were subjected to racial segregation in the military.  Slaves wer not allowed to marry and later the right to marry the person they loved was denied if that person was white. Some light-skinned African-Americans were about to pass as white but lived in fear of this being discovered.  Racists claimed that God was on their side and cited Biblical passages to justify their belief.  And all of this was due to a single characteristic, the color of ones skin.

Of course the situation for gay Americans is different.  They have faced discrimination in housing, employment, and public accomodation.  They have been denied the right to serve openly in the military.  They have been jailed, locked up in mental hospitals and subjected to chemical castration and actual castration.  Gay people are shot and assaulted on a regular basis and sometimes bombed  (though not typically in church; bombings are targeted at gay bars).  Some gay people can pass themselves off as heterosexual and avoid discrimination  And all of this was due to a single characteristic, sexual orientation.

Of course their are differences between the discrimination experienced by African-Americans and gay people.  Gay people never had to face the Ku Klux Klan or worry about lynch mobs.  On the other hand African-Americans have always had their churches and families to sustain them.  Gay people face a barrage of verbal abuse from their churches and are often disowned by their families.  Even today when the world is thought to be more accepting, 27% of gay teenagers who come out (or are outed) are rejected by their families.

Of course, the goal of the National Organization for Marriage has always been to support the Republican party.  Mariage equality has always been a wedge issue that Republican use to win elections.  The thing that is surprising is that African-Americans in Maryland are aligning themselves with people whose goal is to defeat the first African-American president.  Harry Jackson and Robert Broadus are both Republicans working to further their party's goals.  Harry Jackson's ravings that gay people are tools of demon's by extention says the Barack Obama is doing the devil's work.



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I would like pressure put on US Atty Machen to investigate Harry Jackson on tax evasion and voter fraud. The proof is there get on this! It needs attention we cannot not allow carpet baggers to vote, bring cases to the US Sumpreme court with paying DC IncomeTaxes claiming your a DC resident has it's price! TAXES! Go get this hater!

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