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June 11, 2012

Sharon Kass threatens civil war over ENDA

In response to my latest article, "The Zombies of Summer", "ex-gay" advocate Sharon Kass sent me an email early this morning with the subject, "From your favorite zombie." She shared a letter she had sent a month ago to Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), in which she threatens civil war if Congress does not defeat the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. (She also shares her usual pseudoscientific b.s.) Bob Summersgill comments, "I believe she just threatened treason." See what you think:

Subject: ENDA, health, and justice

May 11, 2012

Hon. Richard Burr
Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Children and Families
Health, Employment, Pension and Labor Committee
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sen. Burr:

Concerning the upcoming hearing (June 12) on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, favoring "equal rights for gays":

These are the reasons you should oppose ENDA and encourage other senators to do the same:

1. It is part of the general gayist strategy to dictate to the public that homosexuality and transgenderism should be treated at all times and in every way as normal, when, in fact, they are psychological disorders, ones that are preventable and treatable. They are not inborn, and they are not comparable to race. The Left has dominated the knowledge industry for decades and tyrannized the American people through it. The real information on these disorders is at,,,,, and The Committee members have time to study this issue in a real way, with the help of these websites, and I expect them to put their craven self-interest aside and do so. I also expect that citizens chosen to give testimony will include real experts and not the bogus ones who are there simply to do the bidding of the Left or to give token and ineffectual protest for the Right. (Please see my "Conservatives' Ex-Gay Phobia," online.)

2. Gayism, also known as gay-egalitarianism, is cruel and unfair to the afflicted. By exploiting them for Leftist purposes, it abandons them to their illnesses, which include not only psychosexual abnormalities but depression, narcissism, anxiety, and rage. Keep in mind that physical harm is part of these conditions, and that the medical malpractice of the bogus "sex change" is being inflicted on children as well as adults. (Both President Obama and Mitt Romney know the truth.)

3. Because of the general psychological/behavioral impairments that are part of these disorders, and because the sexual aspect is compulsive, these disorders do significantly impact work life.

4. The Left uses law in what conservative scholar Thomas Sowell calls "the quest for cosmic justice." (See his book by that name and his speech, online.) In other words, anything they want to promote they cast in terms of not only moral good but constitutional right. That itself is a narcissistic, tyrannical, abusive approach to law. The current leadership of the American Bar Association, unfortunately, is fully on board with this mentality.

5. The truth about the nature, causes, prevention, and treatment of homosexuality and transgenderism is being increasingly marginalized in our society, culturally and legally. Discussion has become increasingly one-sided, which means it is not discussion at all. Both popular sovereignty and intelligent governance are impossible under these conditions.

6. If the Senate, after decades of avoidance, does not do its duty and bring the full truth to the fore, thus defeating the passage of ENDA, America is headed for civil war. I mean that seriously, literally.

Please share this message with other senators and members of the House. I call you all to bring wisdom, courage, and integrity to your deliberations and voting. That will mean the end of the gayist tyranny. Thank you.

--Sharon Kass
Silver Spring, Maryland / Washington, D.C.

BTW, Ms. Kass, whom I have never met, appended the personal note, "I still miss your mustache!" That added just the right creepy, stalking tone to the whole thing. In the words of Lionel Richie:

I long to see the sunlight in your hair,
And tell you time and time again how much I care.
Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow.
Hello. I've just got to let you know.

Here it is, interpreted by the late, great Luther Vandross:


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