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August 26, 2012

Your political discourse on crack

Tea Party rally sign 24 Aug 2012

On August 24, the fabulous blogger Pam Spaulding shared a photo from someone on Facebook named "Christians for Michele Bachmann" (hereinafter CMB). Pam commented, "The Base of the GOP speaks. Sad." The photo's caption is, "That's my sign at the Tri-Country Tea Party Rally!!!!" The sign says: "Do I 'Look' Like I Want to 'Surve' in Obama's Nazi Yooth Militia? Arrest our Comminist, Racest, Facsist, Lying, President NOW for Treason!!"

CMB's profile picture is a close-up of a big-breasted young woman wearing nothing but a bra. It might qualify as a resume photo if she were applying to "Girls Gone Wild."

Here are some of the reader comments that appeared below the photo:

Winter Colby: Someone please tell me the author of this sign is a brainwashed eleven year old.

Eric Everson: Gee, if yur Christian shouldn't you turn the other check?

Christopher Greenfield: Wow! Did your parents have any children that lived?

Christopher Giotta: If you look at the soil around any large u.s. city with a big underground homogay population - des moines, iowa, perfect example - look at the soil around des moines, you can't build on it, you can't grow anything in it. The government says it's due to poor farming, but I know what's really going on. I know it's the homogays. They're in it with the aliens. They're building landing strips for homogay martians, I swear to god!

Peter Dingli: Let us start from the beginning . A is for Apple. Are you with me Is that too fast for you? Ok B is for BONKERS

CMB: Oh, I got it Peter Dingli. Let me try... C is for Peter Dingli is a stupid Aussis Sissy lib who has sex with kangaroos.

Ken Koch: There is plenty to mock about M. Bachmann than feeding this obvious troll.

CMB: I'm smarter than you Patty Pinkley. I challenge you to a SMARTOFF!!

Jeff Miletich: The only thing you could win is a "Bat-Shit Crazy" - off

CMB: First, I'm not a girl. I'm a boy. And that girl is a genune BachFann™ who I want to sex.

John F. Daniel: Ok, I understand you were homsechooled, but are you also inbred?

CMB: Oh, John is a GRAMMAR NAZI.

CMB: ‎"did you pay attention in 3rd grade english," No. Too many teachers are part of socialist teachers unions.

Mark Simmons: I liked this page because well I saw big tits

Cecily Cedilote: You are a raging ignorant low IQ scum.

Maegan Sanchez: You need to get smacked with a dictionary

Andrew Paul Wright: I hear a banjo playing in the distance.


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