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November 23, 2012

Leftovers #BlackFriday

Random scraps from Facebook, to whose relative safety I retreated on the day after Thanksgiving:

Nick T. McCoy shared the above video from The Telegraph showing the Black Friday shopping frenzy at a Walmart. As a gesture of appreciation to the Brits at the Telegraph for publicizing us Yanks' dark side, I replied, "I believe Sweeney Todd saw this before going on his killing binge."

Scott Button posted from somewhere near Washington, "Story of my life. David is fighting with Siri and is determined to prove her wrong by taking us completely out of the way #thankyoustevejobs." I replied, "You never know what magic you'll find in those out-of-the-way places. #LittleSallySunshine."

Jeff Rueckgauer posted, "The thing that sucks about going to someone else's for Thanksgiving is not having the leftovers to graze through for the next 4 days." I replied, "On the plus side for me is not having to clean up after the retriever to whom I fed scraps, after he digests it all."

Rand Hoch posted from Palm Beach, Florida, "Bathroom scales should be non-functioning the day after Thanksgiving." I replied, "Yours is obviously broken. You can't possibly weigh that much. #JustTryingToHelp."

Sampson McCormick posted, "I'm kinda excited and proud of myself at the same time. We finally managed to create all the artwork and select tracks for my new live comedy album. It'll be out in January 2013. Do you like it???" I replied, "Sampson, I always like it." Later I posted, "I am afraid that most readers failed to pick up on the Mae West allusion in my earlier comment. But Sampson, I am sure that you get it (as often as possible)." Sampson agreed.


Oatsey Rogers posted the above photo of Mitt Romney hugging wife Ann in the kitchen. I replied, "Next, in Romney's post-election campaign to show he's a human being after all, I expect a photo of Mittens and Ann doing it on the kitchen sink, a la Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction."

I posted, "During yesterday's broadcast of the Redskins-Cowboys game from Dallas, they kept showing pictures of Dealey Plaza, complete with schoolbook depository and grassy knoll. What ghoul was in charge of that control room? Ugh. OTOH, congrats to RGIII (4 TD passes 2 games in a row) and his teammates."

Walter Olson posted an item from The Daily Beast with the comment, "Sisyphus-like, Michael Moynihan attempts to lift Oliver Stone up toward historical accuracy." I replied, "I enjoyed Stone's Nixon, but only because I treated the experience as a trashy indulgence. My favorite fanciful exchange from that film: Edgar: I want to meet him. Clyde: He's sixteen, for God's sake. Edgar: Not the boy, you idiot. Nixon."

On a more serious note, the sweet, gay-affirming Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo posted a tribute to his friend, former boxing champion Hector "Macho" Camacho, whom doctors declared brain dead following a shooting earlier in the week: "I met Macho in 2008 at Patterson park in Baltimore. Over the last 5 years I've seen macho grow. It's amazing how giving your love & time back to the community can be so rewarding and empowering. The first person I look for every year at the Latino heritage football clinic is Macho and his family. It's times like these that you realize being a football player is so much more than just being a football player. You can help shape and change people's lives. I hope macho never forgets me but I know that I will never forget this lil bundle of joy that made me feel like his hero! When you give selflessly you will always get more in return! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!" Our condolences to Brendon and Camacho's other friends and family.



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