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115 posts from August 2016

August 31, 2016

President Trump's Mexican summit

Here is my quick, five-point summary of President Trump's first foreign trip:

  1. If anyone else made that short a trip to Mexico, their plane would be searched for contraband the moment they landed back in the U.S.
  2. The backdrop at the news conference looked like the one used by heads of state at the United Nations. Granted, there was no American flag. But this was not a problem. Not having an American flag is only a problem if you're black.
  3. Trump loves Mexicans and Mexican Americans. They are above reproach, except when they're drug dealers and rapists, or if they're a judge hearing the case on his fake university.
  4. Trump had a long meeting with the Mexican president. It was actually just an hour, but it felt longer because Trump had to pretend he was paying attention.
  5. Trump did not talk about Mexico paying for the wall. That's just what he says to rile up the numbskulls at his rallies. But since he wimped out, the wall just got ten feet lower.

Chris Brown was arrested after an hourslong standoff at his Los Angeles home

This violent sexist and homophobe may have a prison sentence in his near future.

Why is the national anthem a staple of U.S. sporting events?

This is an excellent question. There is no more reason to begin every sports game with the national anthem than to do so before theater performances. The constant need to display our patriotism is a poor substitute for facing our nation's challenges.

President Obama grants an additional 111 commutations


Obama to Congress: take action against the Zika virus

Congressional Republicans are holding funding to fight the Zika virus hostage to their other pet priorities, like gutting the Affordable Care Act and fighting Planned Parenthood. The moral treason of these cynical people becomes ever more evident.

10,000th Syrian refugee arrives in U.S.

This is a good thing. The disgraceful hate-mongering over it by Donald Trump shames our nation. America has done much to worsen the situation in the Middle East. Taking in families fleeing the devastation and chaos is the very least we can do. When people so vehemently object to this humanitarian action, it is clear that American exceptionalism means never facing the consequences of America's projection of power around the world. If that is what greatness is all about, we should have no part of it.

August 30, 2016

Who wants to build this ornate tower?


This proposed 102-story rental apartment tower by Mark Foster Gage Architects is not moving forward on the intended West 57th Street site. But the ornate design would certainly make the Manhattan Skyline more interesting.


Late summer media blackout request

Please, I don't want to hear from:

  1. Trump surrogates
  2. Mama Grizzly
  3. Carlos Danger
  4. Crazy pastors
  5. Jill Stein
  6. Campaign bots with a Triple Match
  7. Trolls on Twitter
  8. A SWAT team
  9. Forecasters announcing another day of 90-plus degree weather
  10. People with complaints who don't vote

Heartbreaking 911 calls from the Orlando massacre released

Laura Ingraham: 'What If Colin Kaepernick Disrespected the Rainbow Flag Not the US Flag?’

Laura Ingraham strikes her latest blow for the Counter-Enlightenment.

Family Feud contestant shows the power of being out

Reggie Bullock's comments about his murdered trans sister show the importance of coming out

Twice-Divorced Adulterer Donald Trump Immediately Exploits Clinton Top Aide's Marital Separation

Only the latest in a long series of disgusting statements by Mr. Trump.

School Board Asks Supreme Court to Allow It to Continue Discriminating Against Trans Boy

Charles Blow: Trump Using Black Voters as 'Pawns' in 'Most Horrible Form of Bigotry'

'Southside' film explores budding romance

I loved this movie.

Pro-refugee activists, groups rally at Washington Monument

Out author appears at new D.C. book shop

'Safer Sex for Trans Bodies' guide released

Maine Gov. LePage says he may resign after leaving anti-gay voicemail

Campus Pride releases Shame List of worst colleges for LGBT students

Frank Ocean's new album Blonde debuts at number 1

Anti-gay Rick Perry to compete on Dancing With the Stars

I guess Rick Perry has been jealous of Tom DeLay for years.

A "strong signal" from a sun-like star is sparking alien speculation

August 26, 2016

US-backed group in Indonesia supports anti-LGBT crackdown


Pedro Almodóvar Says His Version of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Would Have Had More Gay Sex

No doubt.

Pastor who praised Pulse nightclub killings arrested for child molestation

Surprise, surprise.

Just a few light-years from the White House!

About that exoplanet orbiting Proxima Centauri, our sun's closest stellar neighbor: as @SciAm notes below, it may not be habitable.

August 25, 2016

Jill Stein calls Julian Assange a hero

It gets worse and worse for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, because she keeps opening her mouth.

Entire neighborhood flies rainbow flags after bigots egg their gay neighbors

Cher says "my people won't believe" Donald Trump's pro-LGBTQ rhetoric

Gay couple makes history in South Africa with birth of triplets

Orlando hospitals announce they won't charge Pulse nightclub massacre victims

Man who burned gay couple with boiling water gets 40 years in prison

Justice is dealt in a horrific anti-gay attack.

Clinton 10 Points Over Trump in New Quinnipiac Poll

Hillary Clinton Ties Trump to Klan, White Supremacists, Alt-Right in New Ad, Speech

Clinton: Trump is "taking hate groups mainstream"

Millennials emerge as most LGBT-friendly group in history

The man behind Belize’s gay rights ruling

August 24, 2016

The Past and Present of #NateParker

My latest opinion piece has the tagline: "Rape, racial justice, and rehabilitation are on Hollywood's doorstep."