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52 posts from November 2016

November 26, 2016

Sen.Rubio has the gall to slam Castro's anti-gay record

I was no fan of Fidel Castro, who was a brutal despot who impoverished and enslaved his people. But Marco, you hypocrite, you can just take a seat.

Contrasting statement on Castro death by Presidents 44 and 45

Above, a tasteful and diplomatic statement by President Obama. Below, a tweet by his successor.

Black child was taunted, beaten on school playground

This is heartbreaking. The boy is my latest hero.

Major HIV vaccine trial in South Africa stokes hope

Christiane Amanpour: 2016 Burton Benjamin Memorial Award Acceptance Speech

Superb, eloquent speech by Christiane Amanpour appealing for the freedom and safety of journalists at home in America. Yes, she is talking about the authoritarian behavior of the President-Elect.

Many in Florida refused to believe that a benefit they count on would actually be taken away

The wages of folly.

How Van Jones became a star of the 2016 campaign

Video of Trump Supporter Calling Out 'Hillary B*tches' on Delta Flight Goes Viral

After telling voters for months the election was "rigged" Trump now attacking efforts to ensure it was not.

Trump Picks NOM Donor and Gay Marriage Opponent Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary

This is not good.

Married GOP Politician Who Admitted to Sexting Male Teen: I'm Not Gay

Can you say bisexual?

On Saturday, Boxer Orlando Cruz Will Try to Become the World’s First Gay World Champion

Serial Killer Who Drugged, Raped, and Murdered Four Gay Men He Met on Grindr, Gets Life Sentence

November 19, 2016

Oscar Wilde, a Refugee of His Time

Ellen DeGeneres to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Mom sues her own daughter for starting trans hormones without her permission

Gee, why would anyone want to get away from such a loving mother?

Which LGBT rights are on the chopping block?

Launch party set for new D.C. trans group

Would Trump rescind historic status for Stonewall Inn?

@CrewClubDC showcases staff on 20th anniversary

@TheRealONeals is the Most Profane Show on TV, Anti-Gay Conservative Group Says

TX Lawmaker Wants To Force Schools To Out LGBT Students To Parents

WATCH: Mike Pence Went to See Hamilton on Broadway and Got Booed

George Takei: They interned my family. Don’t let them do it to Muslims.

The real story behind that exaggerated Ford tweet from Donald Trump

The post-election liberation of willful ignorance

The dark chapter of America’s history a Trump backer just called "precedent" for registering Muslims

"TV producers, stop portraying bisexuals as villains"

This reminds me of watching plays and movies over the years and noting that characters with deformities almost always represented evil. A person with a hunchback was never just a person with a hunchback. This is a cheap device that should be overcome.

November 17, 2016

On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t The Problem


This blog piece could use a copy editor, but it provides superb insight:

On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t The Problem.

Here's an excerpt:

As the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump is being sorted out, a common theme keeps cropping up from all sides-”Democrats failed to understand white, working class, fly-over America.” Trump supports are saying this. Progressive pundits are saying this. Talking heads across all forms of the media are saying this. Even some Democratic leaders are saying this. It doesn’t matter how many people say it, it is complete bullshit. It is an intellectual/linguistic sleight of hand meant to throw attention away from the real problem. The real problem isn’t east coast elites don’t understand or care about rural America. The real problem is rural America doesn’t understand the causes of their own situations and fears and they have shown no interest in finding out.

Hat tip: Pam Spaulding

Hate on the Rise After Trump's Election

The thought of having to deal with this cascading hatred and ignorance month after month for four years is almost too much to bear. But we must endure, and we must be clear about what is happening, for which there is no legitimate excuse. And we must support one another. The haters are running rampant, but there are more of us than them. Do not let the normalizing media and the lies of cynical people make you forget that.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Resigns

Introducing The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

The first two entries of Keith Olbmermann's new video log.

The Battle for America Continues

My blistering post-election column is up at the Blade.

Congresswoman Norton pledges to defend Death with Dignity Act from congressional interference

November 13, 2016

Amid loss, a stirring "Hallelujah"

Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton performed Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in the cold open of Saturday Night Live on November 12.

This was the most beautiful moment on SNL in a long time, possibly since Steve Martin's tribute to Gilda Radner after her death. It was followed by Dave Chappelle as guest host with a sharp monologue whose closing line made me proud to be from the same town. Our national challenge will summon everything we've got, but we will get through this together.

Dave Chappelle's SNL monologue

This is one of the most brilliant stand-up routines I have seen in a long time. After all these years Chappelle had the same relaxed tone, the same flawless timing, the same sly subversiveness, the ability to nail the truth and mine humor out of the most controversial material.

Chappelle's bit on the Pulse nightclub massacre leaves me in awe (please watch before reacting). His passing reminiscence of his school days in Washington "dreaming of nights like this" was quite touching, and his final message to Trump was devastating. He conveys a similar combination of vulnerability and authenticity as Richard Pryor, whose ability to connect using personal material verged on the miraculous.

This is important beyond entertainment because we need sharp voices who can cut through the mountains of cynical crap that have been fed to us by the likes of Kellyanne Conway. Dave nailed this the way Kate McKinnon did with her cold open by singing Leonard Cohen. Both provided spiritual nourishment that we will need for what is coming. (PS: Dave's Roosevelt reference was to Teddy Roosevelt inviting Booker T. Washington to dinner, which provoked a huge backlash.)

November 09, 2016

A savage attack on our homeland from within

Trump with fist
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stunning, frightening, heartbreaking.

A country that can make such a destructive decision is not one that I recognize or to which I can be loyal. To go from the best president of my lifetime to the worst in history is such a betrayal, such an act of contempt, that it calls for resistance. Do we accept the disenfranchisement of black voters about which officials openly boasted? Do we accept the staggering misogyny that prefers dynamiting the country's foundations to choosing a highly qualified woman over an ignorant bully? Do we forgive our neighbors and family members for taking part in something this despicable? Do we sit politely and talk of healing as our beloved nation slits its own throat?

This cannot be accepted. We must not accept it. Our nation has been savagely attacked from within, far worse than the attacks of 9/11. Shall we respond placidly to an act of war? I cannot.

I have worked within the system for nearly four decades for change. This morning all of that for which generations have worked faces reversal. I and those I love face erasure. My conscience and my soul cry out for rebellion and resistance. We cannot plaster this over. The rain and storm will come, and down will come the wall. Prepare for the fight of our lives.

November 08, 2016

The keys to the city

Voters in line 2016
(Photo: John Minchillo, AP)

The early signs on this bright afternoon are that the Obama coalition has reassembled to defend and extend his legacy. We will not be finished today, to be sure, but we are repudiating our nation's worst impulses. We are demonstrating that every vote counts, and that cynicism and smears do not always prevail.

Our nation is forever being reborn. Following the first black president with the first woman president is a fine thing worth pausing to celebrate. It declares that we don't have a person to waste, as Bill Clinton said 25 years ago. It reminds us that our power is not granted to us but asserted and exercised by us.

To everyone who waited in line for hours to vote: you are the pillars of our republic. You are the founders. In the words of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, the keys to the city are safe with you. Not through you shall we be overcome.

Who stole the tarts?

Alice and pack of cards

The long nightmare of this election will soon be over. More struggles lie ahead. But one day at a time.

'No, no!' said the Queen. 'Sentence first—verdict afterwards.'
'Stuff and nonsense!' said Alice loudly. 'The idea of having the sentence first!'
'Hold your tongue!' said the Queen, turning purple.
'I won't!' said Alice.
Off with her head!' the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved.
'Who cares for you?' said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!'

At this the whole pack rose up into the air, and came flying down upon her: she gave a little scream, half of fright and half of anger, and tried to beat them off, and found herself lying on the bank, with her head in the lap of her sister, who was gently brushing away some dead leaves that had fluttered down from the trees upon her face.
'Wake up, Alice dear!' said her sister; 'Why, what a long sleep you've had!'

The women's hour

Good morning. The women's hour has arrived. History will be made today. The polls here are open. Go Hillary. Go Democrats. Let's rescue our republic from its worst impulses and take the long struggle for equality to its next stage. I am so proud of my many friends who have pitched in to make this day a success. Adelante!