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November 09, 2015

Sen. Hatch joins attack on church-state separation

Another conservative joins the attack on one of the pillars of American freedom.

Fake controversy: the so-called 'War on Christmas'


Message to Christian supremacists: we are on to your bullying disguised as victim mongering. Knock it off.

DeRay Mckesson on 'coming out of the quiet'

#BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay Mckesson talks to the GLAAD gala in San Francisco on being black and gay, and the power of "coming out of the quiet." Bravo to him. Check out the #CampaignZero policy website created by him and several colleagues.

November 06, 2015

No, we are not dropping the T

A transgender friend alerted me last night to the Change.org petition. Here is my short comment:

No. Over thousands of LGBT activists' dead bodies will this exclusion ever happen. For us to buy the "male predators in dresses" slander, or allow it to stand, would be like the turkey inviting the cook to lunch. As Ben Franklin said, "Let us hang together, for surely we will hang separately."

Regarding Stonewall, I recommend the book Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution by David Carter.

November 05, 2015

DC Voucher program discussed on Capitol Hill

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton's testimony on the Opportunity Scholarship program can be found here.

New documentary explores the reality of being black and gay in the Church

Boxer Yusaf Mack comes out as gay, explains why he lied about starring in porn film

Mack's coming out could help a lot of people in his situation.

Top Colombia court rules same-sex couples can adopt children

November 04, 2015

Houston loses out on three bids to host college football title games

A silver lining.

Scary Scrum of Candidates

My Blade column this week (written before Tuesday's election) is now up. While it may be tempting, please do not take my humble musings as a cue to go crashing out of bedroom windows. I only recommend that for deranged candidates who are eager to defeat Satan.

Signorile: Prop 8 redux as LGBT rights are put on the ballot

Signorile is spot on. Prop 8 redux, indeed. So many of our allies with deep pockets have a fear of flying, to use a 70s phrase. The bathroom panic lie deserved a powerful, hair-singeing response. I can imagine someone suggesting it at a meeting of overpaid "experts" and being shot down.

We know what Tony Perkins is going to say. What is more scandalous at this point is how our community's and its allies' money is squandered by people afraid of pressing the fight. It's like people still sending money to the Red Cross after $500 million in Haitian relief donations translated to a total of six houses being built. These incompetent people, these wet noodle warriors should be run out of town on a rail, not rewarded. Instead, we'll get more hand-wringing appeals from them saying, "We're not done, send your faith offering now and we'll send you this lovely rosewood crucifix." Sorry, I'm confusing them with religious hucksters.

We need to put our armor on and get ready to fight! No, our rights should not be subject to a popular vote. That's part of it. But when a fight is on, we've got to bring everything we've got to it.

Kim Davis In New Court Brief Blasts 'Impotent Kentucky Governor'

Kim Davis refuses to go away. And soon she will have a right-wing governor backing her up.

New rule allows refugees to bring same-sex partners to U.S.

Mayor Bowser expects to back cultural competency bill

I am quoted in this article on the LGBTQ Cultural Competency Continuing Education Amendment Act of 2015, a hearing on which was held on October 28. My testimony for GLAA is here.

Israel's Supreme Court to consider 'historic' gay marriage petition

Israeli academic shouted down in lecture at University of Minnesota

Superb article by Dale Carpenter on the latest assault on free speech and academic discourse at a public university because the speaker was Israeli. I myself am critical of Israel (I am a longstanding supporter of Israel horrified by the policies of Netanyahu), but shouting down an academic lecture in this way is wrong and inimical to the mission of a university. Such illiberal behavior in the name of justice should be punished and rebuked.

November 03, 2015

DC Office of Human Rights: 48% rate of discrimination against trans job applicants

Houston voters overturn human rights ordinance

Today's terrible, dispiriting result in Houston is but the latest illustration of why people's rights should not be put to a popular vote. The U.S. Constitution guarantees a republican (representative) form of government, and says nothing about plebiscites. If minority rights are subject to denial by a direct vote of the people, the stirring up of mobs that so concerned Madison can run rampant and undermine the bill of rights. Ballot measures like Houston's Proposition 1 are not appropriate.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports here.

DC #marijuana arrests drop from 6,000 to 200 in one year

This is good news, especially considering the racial disparities in enforcement about which I testified a year ago.

Trevor Noah on "Ferguson Effect"


More on today's #HERO vote in Houston

Close vote expected in Houston today on #HERO

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) faces voters today, and a close vote is expected. If you know anyone in Houston, please urge them to vote Yes on Proposition 1.

Poll: Clinton's Benghazi hearing convinced voters her email setup was "not important"

Obama mocks GOP presidential candidates

President Obama has some fun over Republican whining over those mean CNBC debate moderators.

November 02, 2015

Ben Carson doesn't hate gays hard enough for Tony Perkins

The Family Research Council could hardly get more fringe than it is already, but it does try.

HERO gets endorsements from Obama, Biden and Clinton ahead of Election Day

Tomorrow's the big day. Good luck to our friends in Houston. But our rights should not be subject to a plebiscite.

Even Chick-fil-A not anti-gay enough for conservatives anymore

N. Ireland votes for marriage equality, anti-gay politicians veto it

October 29, 2015

The University of North Carolina’s New President Is Shockingly Anti-Gay

I write about the noxious former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings here.

Speaker Paul Ryan's anti-LGBT record

Gender identity ‘death certificate’ bill introduced in DC

Witchcraft 101: the most common myths debunked

Fired gay priest accuses Vatican of making lives of LGBTI people 'a hell'

Ben Carson tries to have it both ways

We have been dealing with this kind of brazenly illogical dismissiveness for years. I'm sorry, but if you're not anti-gay, then stop discriminating against us.

Obama administration supports trans student's challenge to bathroom ban

October 25, 2015

Same-sex couples marry in Taiwan

October 22, 2015

The dangerous motivation behind Netanyahu's Holocaust revisionism

Hillary Clinton is poised, Republicans petty at Benghazi hearing

House passes Boehner’s DC school 'choice' bill

As The Hill says of this, "Passage represents a swan song for the outgoing Speaker." We are very much opposed to this program. Here's a link to the letter from D.C. Council members opposing the program. We were pleased to take part in persuading members to sign the letter.

October 21, 2015

Tatchell accuses police of failing to link east London deaths