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September 15, 2016

Donald Trump Jr. Makes Holocaust Joke in Attack on Hillary Clinton and the Media

Keep talking, clown.

Trump sparks concern, suspicion among LGBT Russians

Trans activist’s murder trial postponed

DHS: Stop using private prison companies

Covering a crackpot

ICYMI: Obama stumping for Hillary in Philadelphia

The President was at his best on September 13 in Philadelphia, stumping for Hillary.

September 12, 2016

Charles Blow on the "basket of deplorables"

More wise words from Charles M. Blow at NYT.

Streisand rips Trump with Broadway classic at LGBT fundraiser

In case any Barbra fans missed it, here's Babs with her Trump parody version of "Send In the Clowns."

Tim Kaine: I Think the Catholic Church is Going to Change Its Position on Gay Marriage

I appreciate Sen. Kaine's sentiments, but I think if you read what Pope Francis has written, you would be less optimistic. His Holiness has a great pastoral gift, the value of which I do not minimize. But he remains a conservative, and he has made quite clear that, his personal kindness and graciousness notwithstanding, he has no intention of changing Church doctrine regarding women or gay people. Indeed, he is appallingly uninformed on the science of gender identity. The Catholic Church is not about to budge any time soon.

12-Year-Old Mexican Boy Stands Up to Thousands of Anti-Gay Protesters


Hillary Clinton Body Double Conspiracy Theories Take Over Twitter

I wish this were a joke.

RNC Spokesman Refers to 'Deplorables' as 'Deportables' in Hilarious Typo

UK tells gay Ugandan asylum seeker he can Skype his boyfriend after he is deported

The heartless and inhumane policy of the British Home Office toward LGBT asylum seekers continues unabated. If you pray, pray for this man's safety. We've much more work to do on the international front, even with purported allies.

Gay Cuban journalist, activist fired from radio station

Just a reminder that restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, which I applauded, does not mean that it is a democracy. Engagement is better than non-engagement, but we must do it with eyes open. Cuba remains a brutally repressive totalitarian state.

Arson suspected in fire at Florida mosque attended by Pulse shooter Omar Mateen

Not in my name. I am willing to bet that this despicable and cowardly act was committed by people who don't give a damn about the gay people who were killed that awful night in Orlando. In any case, everything our nation stands for is attacked by such blind revenge-taking.

On 9/11, Trump noted on TV that his Financial District building was now the "tallest"

It's always about him. Always, always. Even on the worst, most horrific of days for our country.

September 08, 2016

Apple – Introducing iPhone 7

The world's leading brand includes a gay couple in its iPhone 7 rollout. But of course.

Gary Johnson asks, "What is Aleppo?"

Oops. My favorite answers under the hashtag #WhatIsAleppo:

  • A line of baby food recalled by the FDA.
  • A beloved old resort in the Catskills.
  • A favorite clown at Ringling Bros.
  • The most underrated Marx Brother.

September 07, 2016

"Taco trucks and burner phones: Staring into the abyss of Trump surrogates"

My latest Blade column comes with a *Snark Warning*.

Naff: Trump punk’d us all


Here is a portion of Blade editor Kevin Naff's editorial on Donald Trump:

The fact that Clinton isn’t leading him by 50 points says a lot about her own candidacy and the state of the American electorate. A Washington Post/ABC News poll last month showed that 59 percent of likely voters don’t believe Clinton is honest or trustworthy, and that’s down since January. Of course there are sexist double standards at work. (Imagine if Hillary showed up to her campaign rallies wearing a cheesy baseball cap, shouting at and berating her audiences.) With all of Trump’s self-inflicted wounds, Clinton should be destroying him in the polls.

No presidential candidate in American history has ever won by a thirty point margin, much less fifty points. Hillary's negatives are largely the result of a quarter-century campaign of GOP smears abetted by the media with its distorting obsession with "balance," as well as sexist double standards that are as blatant as they are vociferously denied by those employing them.

With all of that, and the political divisions in the country, it is no surprise that this race is so close despite pitting a staggeringly ignorant and reckless demagogue against a highly experienced, moderate, and level-headed stateswoman whom PolitiFact has rated the most honest politician other than President Obama. I have my differences with Hillary, but they pale in comparison with my horror at the prospect of a President Trump. Just think of the Supreme Court nominees we would get from each candidate. Then look at Trump's strange fondness for dictators and casualness regarding the use of nuclear weapons and torture.

We know far more about Hillary Clinton, while Trump refuses to release his tax returns. Trump's hypocrisy is incredible, as evidenced by his railing against the export of American jobs after doing just that with the manufacture of his line of clothing. He is a grifter and a con man, as Kevin suggests. He is far outclassed by Secretary Clinton. His relentless appeals to white nationalists alone should disqualify him. It is now two months before the election. Anyone who cares about the survival of our republic should get serious and support Hillary Clinton.

Freddie Mercury has asteroid named after him for 70th birthday

The question is, is Freddie's asteroid heading for a cataclysmic collision with the earth? Don't blame him. Just act as if #NothingReallyMatters

Cher calls out trans-exclusionary feminists

Cher criticizes trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or TERFs. Good for her. As for the person who wrote the HuffPost headline putting "feminists" in quotes and preceding it with "so-called," I do not see what is accomplished by suggesting that a feminist with offensive views is on that account not really a feminist. That is like saying music you dislike is not really music, which many said about rap.

Instead of wasting our time on fruitless gatekeeping, we should focus on persuasion, on making our case and connecting with people. This is not easy. But the alternative is name-calling. Getting to change requires going through uncomfortable encounters, challenging one another, listening and learning. When we make the struggle about which group is going to be excluded, we evade the essential work.

Update: The tweet that was automatically generated for this message on GLAA's Twitter account, @glaadc, included a link to this blog entry generated using Google URL Shortener. Our friend Julius informed us that clicking on the short link produces this error message:

http://goo.gl/fb/5v1paH – this goo.gl shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here and here for more information about our terms and policies respectively.

Really, Google? What term offended you. "Trans-exclusionary"? "Feminist"? This is absurd.

Clinton endorsed by Pride Fund to End Gun Violence

Nigerian president reinstates anti-LGBT crackdown

More on Kenda Kirby lawsuit at Supreme Court

Our friend Kenda Kirby continues her struggle for justice.

WaPo Poll Shows 10 Tossup States – Including Texas

Was Hillary's victory prophesied?

This article has something in common with Trump's reference to Article XII of the Constitution, in that the referenced 29th and 41st chapters of Revelation do not exist. The difference is that this is satire.

The cough nonsense

When you or I cough, it's allergy season. When it's Hillary, people lose their minds.

September 06, 2016

MMA Fighter Nicolas Dalby Stands with LGBTQ Community at UFC Weigh-In

New Polls: NBC Shows Clinton Beating Trump by 6 Points, CNN Shows Trump Beating Clinton by 2

This is scary. We can take nothing for granted.

Phyllis Schlafly dies at 92

This piece is nasty, but it has the following factual statement:

Schlafly didn't like immigrants, working women or gay rights. (Even though her son is gay.) She didn’t think that sexual harassment in the workplace was a problem. She was against sex education. She argued that climate change wasn’t real. She denied that marital rape was even possible. She claimed that the atomic bomb was a gift from God.

There is an old saying, "Progress follows the hearse."

September 01, 2016

SCOTUS overturns NC's gutting of voting rights

Latinos for Trump founder warns: "you're gonna have taco trucks on every corner"

I was slack-jawed. Later in the "All In" broadcast on MSNBC, another guest compared Marco Gutierrez to Uncle Ruckus from "The Boondocks."

Human Rights Campaign launches #ThisIsTransgender video

RNC head Priebus claims Clinton Foundation has 80% overhead — it’s actually 12%

The problem with Politico's report on the Clinton Foundation

Charity watchdog groups gave the Clinton Foundation high ratings

NYT edits story on Trump’s Mexico trip and immigration speech after criticism

An egregious case of sloppy journalism.

August 31, 2016

President Trump's Mexican summit

Here is my quick, five-point summary of President Trump's first foreign trip:

  1. If anyone else made that short a trip to Mexico, their plane would be searched for contraband the moment they landed back in the U.S.
  2. The backdrop at the news conference looked like the one used by heads of state at the United Nations. Granted, there was no American flag. But this was not a problem. Not having an American flag is only a problem if you're black.
  3. Trump loves Mexicans and Mexican Americans. They are above reproach, except when they're drug dealers and rapists, or if they're a judge hearing the case on his fake university.
  4. Trump had a long meeting with the Mexican president. It was actually just an hour, but it felt longer because Trump had to pretend he was paying attention.
  5. Trump did not talk about Mexico paying for the wall. That's just what he says to rile up the numbskulls at his rallies. But since he wimped out, the wall just got ten feet lower.

Why is the national anthem a staple of U.S. sporting events?

This is an excellent question. There is no more reason to begin every sports game with the national anthem than to do so before theater performances. The constant need to display our patriotism is a poor substitute for facing our nation's challenges.