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October 06, 2015

Hillary goes on offense

As I said in 2007, Hillary Clinton is a formidable woman and is not to be underestimated. In the past few days she has reminded us of this.

October 04, 2015

Joe Biden addresses HRC National Dinner

HRC talks to HRC

Hillary spoke to HRC earlier on Saturday due to her gig on SNL.

Hillary Clinton on SNL

For me, SNL set the standard for funniness four decades ago with a fake car commercial in which a mohel does a briss to show the smoothness of the ride. Hillary's skit as Val the bartender did not approach that level. But she was appealing, good-natured, and self-deprecatory. Well done. And I liked the way Huma Abedin was worked into it. It doesn't hurt Hillary that I can imagine her as my bartender; few of the Republican candidates pass that test.

September 30, 2015

DeRay Mckesson skewers Jeb over ‘free stuff’ comment

DeRay nails it, as usual.

September 25, 2015

Marco Rubio explains it all for you

Rubio on ex-cons

This meme was shared by our friend Brian McNaught, who said, "I don't understand the reasoning here."

That's alright, Brian. His friends Smith and Wesson will be glad to explain it to you.

September 24, 2015

The Soft Bigotry of Ben Carson

Another excellent commentary by Charles Blow.

September 23, 2015

Appeasing the Ignorati


My column this week looks at how the GOP is sinking in brainlessness and bile. Here's an excerpt:

Any sufficiently shameless and ambitious politician knows that a smoothly delivered fabrication on live television impresses millions more than will read the next day's refutations. Take Carly Fiorina (please), the never-quite-senator from California with her bag of imaginary business triumphs, whose numbers shot up after her well-delivered zingers at last week's Republican presidential debate.

Never mind that repeated investigations of Benghazi have turned up no sinister actions by Hillary Clinton. Never mind that several state investigations have turned up no wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. Carly has to appease the Ignorati (as I dub the right-wing base), so she touts a nonexistent fetus-harvesting video. Just as her $40 million golden parachute cushioned the impact of being sacked by Hewlett Packard, her bump in the polls softened the blow of being called a liar.

The facts don't matter any more. Donald Trump pushes a discredited link between vaccines and autism. Mike Huckabee says the Dred Scott decision remains in effect despite the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment. Ben Carson says no Muslim should be president, ignoring the Constitution's Article VI prohibition against religious tests for public office. Marco Rubio dubiously claims North Korea has the capacity to hit America with a nuclear weapon. Jeb Bush says, "My brother kept us safe," as if 9/11 never happened. Bobby Jindal (in the "undercard" debate) raises the specter of an influx of terrorists by falsely saying Obama wants to "short-circuit the vetting process" for Syrian refugees. If one lie flops, you move on to the next.

Read the whole thing here.

September 22, 2015

Fox News Corners Huckabee On 'Very Qualified' Eric Fanning

As the article notes, "Huckabee is the one who made the biggest deal, and the most news about it." Yes. And that is typical of those who are most aggrieved by advances for LGBT equality. What Huckabee is effectively demanding is a return to the closet--a total erasure of gay people. He does this while making excuses for an incestuous rapist (Dugger). His toxic mixture of mendacity and self-righteousness makes him resemble Christ's tormentors more than Christ.

September 21, 2015

Reza Aslan on xenophobia and Muslim-bashing in GOP

Scott Walker quits presidential race

If you wonder why I say "Good riddance!" to Scott Walker, watch him below from earlier this year, comparing ISIS to teachers union protesters.

September 18, 2015

8 national anthems Brits could sing instead of 'God Save the Queen'

My choice would be "Jerusalem," with lyrics by William Blake. Below is its performance by the congregation at the Royal Wedding.

September 17, 2015

The Spectator: When will Labour move against Corbyn?

If the reactions I am getting from American leftists are any indication, Labour will not budge because (to use an American reference) any criticism of Corbyn makes you the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy. This is the Manichaeism of the Left: someone is either a saint or a devil, so if you criticize him in any way you are calling him a devil, and they are delighted by his unflinching radical views so he must be a saint. If you are committed to actually getting things done, as I am, you are the worst kind of sellout. This obstinate attitude, so contemptuous of any kind of pragmatism, is self-sabotage. But they refuse to see it. So Labour falls. British liberals committed to creating change by engaging the machinery of government will have to look elsewhere.

Refuting Donald Trump's falsehoods on vaccines

Carly Fiorina's lurid, lying rant on Planned Parenthood

Vox reporter Sarah Kliff refutes lurid Fiorina description of Planned Parenthood video: "Either Fiorina hasn't watched the Planned Parenthood videos or she is knowingly misrepresenting the footage. Because what she says happens in the Planned Parenthood videos simply does not exist."

September 15, 2015

Cornel West endorses Bernie Sanders

Well I'm sure this will solve all of Bernie's problems.

Ben Carson Pulls Up Alongside an Idling Donald Trump

Perhaps Dr. Carson can offer his professional services.

Trump and Obama: A Night to Remember - The New Yorker

September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders defends abortion rights before Liberty University audience

This clip from his appearance at Liberty University shows why so many people love Bernie Sanders.

September 13, 2015

Bill and Hill visit Foundry Methodist

I strolled a block east to Foundry Methodist at about noon today to see the once-and-future First Couple, who attended the church's 200th anniversary celebration. During Bill's years in the White House, this was their usual place of worship. This event was not on Hillary's campaign calendar; it was personal.

Peter Tatchell's misgivings about Jeremy Corbyn


British gay and human rights activist Peter Tatchell, who is Green and Left, raised questions about Jeremy Corbyn's troubling associations despite on balance supporting him. American leftists cheering Corbyn would do well to heed Tatchell's caution.

While Jeremy is right to dialogue with Hamas and Hezbollah as part of a peace initiative, as Tony Blair and the Israeli government have done, he was wrong to call them “friends”. These are Islamist political parties with poor human rights records that are not consistent with humanitarian values, let alone his own left-wing views.

Jeremy says he doesn’t agree with their policies but I have not been able to find any instance, until very recently, where he has publicly criticised either Hezbollah or Hamas, both of which are guilty (alongside Israel) of war crimes and the abuse of their own citizens.

Jeremy was also wrong to call the Islamist extremist Ibrahim Hewitt “my very good friend” and to share platforms with him, given that Hewitt allegedly supports Sharia law, which stipulates the death penalty for apostates, blasphemers, adulterers and gay people....

Jeremy has also made misjudgements on Russia, Ukraine, Syria and Iran. He says he wants dialogue and negotiations, not war. I agree. But this should not include collusion - even if unintentional - with human rights abusing regimes.

Tatchell, whom I greatly admire for his courage, decency, and integrity, told me, "Corbyn will give a much needed shake up to UK politics."

I have no doubt of that. On the other hand, taking back Number 10 Downing Street from such a hard-left position seems a long shot. We shall see.

September 11, 2015

Someone get Huckabee a straitjacket

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is becoming more and more unhinged. He can't even stick to one off-the-wall pronouncement per day. Someone get him help.

Tea Party Republican with fake rentboy story resigns

(Note: when I was typing the above headline, auto-correct changed "rentboy" to "reentry." I suppose the two could be related, but that wasn't the point I was making.)

September 10, 2015

Photo of the week


I love this photo.

September 09, 2015

Hillary Clinton addresses the Iran nuclear deal

This is a presentation by someone with the seriousness, the experience, and the judgment to become president. I wrote early in the 2008 election cycle that Hillary was formidable and not to be underestimated, and she demonstrates it again here. Contrast this with the glib and reckless attacks on the deal by several Republican candidates. And I liked her humor, after a coughing fit due to allergies during the interview following the speech, when she quipped that "Republican histamines are everywhere."

Privilege by Gaslight


In my Blade column this week: authoritarians and demagogues are trying to win by driving us crazy. Don't let them! Here's a portion:

If you didn't know better, recent news might have you thinking that anyone with a Hispanic accent is an alien; that activists protesting police violence are cop killers; and that a government official's religious freedom entitles her to impose her beliefs on an entire county.

Enough of these brazen falsehoods could drive a person crazy. This is called "gaslighting" after Charles Boyer's efforts in the 1944 movie Gaslight to make Ingrid Bergman think she is losing her mind so he can get her out of the way and steal her aunt's jewels.

When Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos challenged Donald Trump's promise to deport eleven million undocumented workers, he was treated like an undocumented worker himself. Trump has slandered Mexicans and used one murder to support a media narrative about criminal hordes flooding America that is entirely at odds with the facts. Undocumented immigrants in fact have a lower crime rate. Trump subsequently described Ramos as "raving like a madman." This is like describing women who assert themselves as hysterical. When Trump contemptuously ordered Ramos removed, the other reporters should have walked out. If tough questions are off-limits, we have a celebrity media availability, not a press conference.

These crude tactics appeal to the Trumpen Proletariat (a term coined by conservative writer Jonah Goldberg): the sort of people who vehemently opposed Obamacare but now favor single payer just because Trump is for it. Goodbye, coherent politics. Hello, fearless leader defended by a mob.

Read the whole thing here.

Kim Davis released from jail into Huckabee rally

The level of delusion here surpasses description.

September 04, 2015

The malign fraud of right-wingers smearing police reformers as cop killers

I will have more to say on this lie soon. For now, I offer contrasting tweets from Radley Balko, author of Rise of the Warrior Cop.

September 01, 2015

Make America Great Again is a Cover for Make America White Again Politics

Yep. Only stopping your ears and blindfolding yourself can avoid realizing this.

Log Cabin Republicans' Uncertain Future

Wake up and smell the coffee, guys.

August 28, 2015

Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump Tweets

Three words from a Trump tweet: Clownstick von Fuckface.

August 27, 2015

Rand Paul's patronizing, self-parodying response to #BlackLivesMatter

Jindal tells Obama not to talk about climate during Katrina anniversary visit

A friend writes on Facebook:

I would make sure I said "climate change" and pointed out how Republicans are doing absolute zilch to deal with it as many times as I could to spite the ignorant dumbshit.

Above the Keyboard Warriors’ Din


In my Blade column this week, artists and activists overcome the background noise:

Hyenas would be better conversationalists, I sometimes think as I scan political arguments on social media. This is not unlike a Republican presidential debate, where a Bad Lip Reading parody is just as enlightening as the original.

When former president Jimmy Carter spoke candidly and with good humor last week about his cancer, millions were inspired by his serenity, humility, and grace. But the next day, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz attacked him. When I said on Facebook that I recently read Carter's 2006 book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid and found it fair and reasonable, I was met with scorn by someone who had not read it.

This reckless speed is all too common in public forums. So let us look at a few examples of activists and artists rising above the din of the keyboard warriors to propose useful reforms or tell their stories in ways that help us see differently.

After weeks of squabbles by various people over direct-action tactics in the Black Lives Matter movement, policy solutions were issued by activists DeRay Mckesson, Johnetta Elzie, Brittany Packnett, and Samuel Sinyangwe. The effort, called Campaign Zero, is described as a "comprehensive platform to create systems and structures to end police violence." Their detailed plans (see joincampaignzero.org) are informed proposals by practical public policy advocates, notwithstanding sniping and trivializing like that of a self-described anarchist I encountered on Twitter.

The #CampaignZero planning team writes, "Police in England, Germany, Australia, Japan, and even cities like Newark, NJ, and Richmond, CA, demonstrate that public safety can be ensured without killing civilians. By implementing the right policy changes, we can end police killings and other forms of police violence in the United States."

Read the whole thing here.

#CampaignZero #StraightOuttaCompton #BlackLivesMatter #HugoAwards

President Trump's first day in office

President Trump's first day in office (except he'll have a lot more than an AK-47 to play with).

Inspired by a comment by Los Angeles radio host Ricardo Sánchez.

August 25, 2015

An omen in butter

Melt him and pour him on someone else's popcorn.

August 23, 2015

RNC endorses 'Indiana on steroids' religious freedom bill

Bush advisor Vin Weber will lobby for anti-gay Ugandan government

Ellen Page confronts Ted Cruz: 'You’re discriminating against LGBT people'

Sen. Cruz simply turns the truth on its head and portrays discriminators as victims of persecution. That only makes sense if gay people are not human beings, or not rightful citizens, or if there is no secular public space. What Cruz and others call religious freedom is really religious supremacy for them over the rest of us. We have no choice but to fight back.

August 21, 2015

Cruz's latest mischief in Iowa

Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Santorum or Huckabee. He is smarter, for one thing.