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September 03, 2015

Judge won't grant straight couple a divorce because gay marriage is legal

A brazen non-sequitur from a Tennessee judge.

Kim Davis jailed for contempt

This is good news for the rule of law. Will she cash in? There is little doubt of it--but that is why Judge Bunning ordered jail for her, since fines would hardly be enough in her case.

Kim Davis’s deputies afraid of her

This problem may soon be remedied.

September 02, 2015

Searing image of Mediterranean refugee crisis

America, with all its wealth, can take more of these desperate families. Especially considering that America's preemptive war in Iraq did so much to destabilize the Mideast region. No one should die like this.

Kentucky clerk's fourth husband claims she is 'standing for God'

Love that headline.

Scalia: Kim Davis should obey federal court order or find a new job

Kim Davis has no where else to go, except perhaps to jail. Below, Steve Kornacki asks her attorney, Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel, where her asserted "religious liberty" to use her government post to impose her religious views on others stops. Would she have the right to refuse to issue a marriage license to a divorced person seeking to remarry? Congrats to Kornacki for asking that question with a straight face, given the fact that Davis herself has had three divorces despite her deep devotion to the teachings of Jesus.

September 01, 2015

Supreme Court says Kentucky clerk must let gay couples marry

Kim Davis does not like the rulings she has been getting in court. We are clear on that. But she has now lost procedurally in three courts. With SCOTUS having denied a stay, she must now issue marriage licenses to the gay couples or she will be in contempt of court. There is a process for removing her from office, which should now commence. Her religious freedom has nothing to do with it. She is not acting as an officer of a closely held private corporation, as in the Hobby Lobby case, but as a government official. What she has sought to impose is not religious freedom (which belongs to all) but religious supremacy for her particular belief. That is establishment of religion, which is clearly prohibited by the First Amendment.

Davis's case can now proceed on its merits, but the multiple denials of her requested stay indicate that her chances of prevailing are considered dim. Justice Kagan, who handles stay requests for the Sixth Circuit, forwarded her request to the full Supreme Court, and there was no indication of a dissent in the denial of a stay.

Lisa Keen reports here.

August 31, 2015

Irish president signs constitutional amendment for marriage equality

Congratulations to the motherland.

August 30, 2015

Clerk who refuses to marry LGBT couples performed a tran man's wedding by accident

His Holiness blesses a lesbian couple and his staff does damage control

After Pope Francis responds to lesbian author Francesca Pardi by sending a blessing to her and her partner Maria Silvia Fiengo, a Vatican spokesperson issues a clarification that the blessing in no way changes Rome's policy of opposing same-sex unions.

Pardon me for sending virtual slaps to gay Catholics who get teary-eyed and hopeful over the Pope's charming window dressing. At this point, your determined hopefulness is willful self-delusion. There is no sign that the Vatican has the slightest interest in changing its virulently anti-gay doctrines. The pope's occasional nice statements and gestures do not change that. This reminds me of the 1990s when some of us would get bowled over by President Clinton saying "gay" in a speech, despite the fact that he screwed us over on marriage and military service. We need to grow up, pay attention, and fight back.

August 27, 2015

Kentucky clerk vows to die fighting gay marriage

Well then he can just forget having Voices of Kentuckiana sing at his funeral.

Appeals court: Rowan County clerk can't keep denying marriage licenses during appeal

August 23, 2015

RNC endorses 'Indiana on steroids' religious freedom bill

Thousands rally in Kentucky against anti-gay county clerks

August 21, 2015

Scott Walker, translated

Jeb and Jindal on dropping babies

In a long-ago Doonesbury cartoon, Joanie Caucus says to her dying friend after he and his doctor trade some gallows humor, "How can you joke about this?" He replies, "How can you not?"

August 20, 2015

Trump: Gay marriage is a dead issue

I'm sure we are all relieved to learn this.

Panti Bliss, Ireland's accidental activist

Progressive Groups Ask Obama To End Bush-Era Religious Protection

GLAA is a signatory to this letter.

August 19, 2015

State Department fights for rights of gay envoys

August 15, 2015

Mississippi’s gay adoption ban somehow still exists—but not for long

August 11, 2015

Australia government debate exposes deep rift over #marriageequality

Kenyan pastor and his partner marry, have to flee

August 06, 2015

A man and his lawnmower

RNC rejects LGBT-related resolutions

August 03, 2015

Republicans still wedded to 'dangerous lifestyle' canard

How many times are these stubborn fools going to hit the same iceberg?

July 31, 2015

Mother Loses Fight To Keep Alabama From Recognizing Late Son's Marriage

Thank goodness. This woman's behavior reflects standard operating procedure for many gay people's birth families over the years. Bereaved same-sex partners, at the worst possible time, have been excluded from funerals, seen their joint property stolen, their entire lives upended and defiled by people who refused to respect their supposed loved one's love. Some of those excluded and robbed in this way have killed themselves out of despair. Our collective fight for marriage equality, sustained over many years, is making a positive difference in countless lives, and thwarting intolerance and selfishness.

July 30, 2015

Could the Vatican be ready to back civil unions?

I confess I am caring less and less what the Vatican does.

July 28, 2015

Kanye West's trans-affirming decency

There is so much hating on Kanye West, I thought I'd show you this video in which his decency shines. Caitlyn Jenner gives him credit for helping Kim Kardashian deal with Caitlyn's transition. And in case you forgot, Kanye came out strongly against homophobia in hip-hop ten years ago.

ICYMI: Senate appropriations bill emerges without D.C. riders

July 23, 2015

Gov. Beshear to county clerks: do your job or resign

Thank you, Governor.

July 14, 2015

Merkel says don't call it marriage

We have been at this as a front-burner issue for more than two decades, Chancellor. We're calling it marriage.

July 13, 2015

Same-sex couples apply for marriage licenses in Puerto Rico

Santorum calls for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage

This is the disconnect of fanatics like Santorum. He cannot accept the fact that a growing majority of Americans support marriage equality. How does he expect to pass the amendment? He really doesn't understand that he lives in a republic, and that he lost the argument.

July 11, 2015

Latest on the backlash

Virgin Islands governor signs marriage executive order

Love and courage in Beijing

July 10, 2015

Rubio gets a toehold on reality

Not that it matters, since any such amendment is even deader than it was before, but good for Sen. Rubio for facing reality. Now if only he would face reality on Cuba.

July 09, 2015

Puerto Rico’s ban on gay marriage officially nullified by appellate court

Dead-ender tries to pray away marriage equality

Wingnut Janet Porter thinks she can pray away the SCOTUS ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.