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October 06, 2015

Hillary goes on offense

As I said in 2007, Hillary Clinton is a formidable woman and is not to be underestimated. In the past few days she has reminded us of this.

October 05, 2015

Gov. Brown signs controversial end-of-life bill

Thank you, Gov. Brown. GLAA's testimony on D.C.'s Death with Dignity Act can be found here.

October 04, 2015

A long-awaited bipartisan proposal to ease sentencing laws

Pope Francis, Kim Davis and culture wars revisited

September 30, 2015

Maryland transgender inmate granted relief under Prison Rape Elimination Act

A breakthrough.

Georgia executes woman on death row

Murder is barbarous. So is the death penalty.

September 25, 2015

Marco Rubio explains it all for you

Rubio on ex-cons

This meme was shared by our friend Brian McNaught, who said, "I don't understand the reasoning here."

That's alright, Brian. His friends Smith and Wesson will be glad to explain it to you.

September 23, 2015

Appeasing the Ignorati


My column this week looks at how the GOP is sinking in brainlessness and bile. Here's an excerpt:

Any sufficiently shameless and ambitious politician knows that a smoothly delivered fabrication on live television impresses millions more than will read the next day's refutations. Take Carly Fiorina (please), the never-quite-senator from California with her bag of imaginary business triumphs, whose numbers shot up after her well-delivered zingers at last week's Republican presidential debate.

Never mind that repeated investigations of Benghazi have turned up no sinister actions by Hillary Clinton. Never mind that several state investigations have turned up no wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood. Carly has to appease the Ignorati (as I dub the right-wing base), so she touts a nonexistent fetus-harvesting video. Just as her $40 million golden parachute cushioned the impact of being sacked by Hewlett Packard, her bump in the polls softened the blow of being called a liar.

The facts don't matter any more. Donald Trump pushes a discredited link between vaccines and autism. Mike Huckabee says the Dred Scott decision remains in effect despite the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment. Ben Carson says no Muslim should be president, ignoring the Constitution's Article VI prohibition against religious tests for public office. Marco Rubio dubiously claims North Korea has the capacity to hit America with a nuclear weapon. Jeb Bush says, "My brother kept us safe," as if 9/11 never happened. Bobby Jindal (in the "undercard" debate) raises the specter of an influx of terrorists by falsely saying Obama wants to "short-circuit the vetting process" for Syrian refugees. If one lie flops, you move on to the next.

Read the whole thing here.

September 22, 2015

Trans woman live tweets abuse by TSA at Orlando Airport

Bravo to this woman. TSA's behavior is unacceptable.

New Nepal constitution includes LGBT-specific protections

September 21, 2015

#AssistedDying: a missed opportunity in Britain; a chance to be seized in California

September 18, 2015

House votes to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding

The battle is on.

September 17, 2015

Carly Fiorina's lurid, lying rant on Planned Parenthood

Vox reporter Sarah Kliff refutes lurid Fiorina description of Planned Parenthood video: "Either Fiorina hasn't watched the Planned Parenthood videos or she is knowingly misrepresenting the footage. Because what she says happens in the Planned Parenthood videos simply does not exist."

Two photos from Texas

In one photo, racist idiocy taken to new lows. In the other, white kids with guns is apparently no problem.

September 16, 2015

Schumer and Cardin object to new Republican Iran measure

With Schumer and Cardin opposing McConnell's machinations, and a deadline of Thursday for congressional action, the Iran deal looks secure. The Republicans ought to be doing their jobs and keeping the American government operating, but since Obama's first day in office they have placed thwarting him ahead of all else. This is moral treason, and when she is hauled before Congress again next month, former Secretary of State Clinton should let them have it with both barrels. In the meantime, the Nobel committee should announce the recipient(s) of the Peace Prize by Oct. 9.

September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders defends abortion rights before Liberty University audience

This clip from his appearance at Liberty University shows why so many people love Bernie Sanders.

Kim Davis will take no action against deputy clerks who issue licenses

September 11, 2015

Someone get Huckabee a straitjacket

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is becoming more and more unhinged. He can't even stick to one off-the-wall pronouncement per day. Someone get him help.

El Salvador lawmakers pass enhanced hate crime penalties

'I’m an escort, not a terrorist'

That line is right up there with "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"

Oath Keepers: Not the militia the Founders had in mind

These heavily-armed pseudo-patriots now threaten federal marshals. If these fanatics are not domestic terrorists, who is?

From Cato: Magna Carta and modern controversies

On Wednesday at the Cato Institute I attended a fascinating and funny lecture by British author David Starkey on his book Magna Carta: The Medieval Roots of Modern Politics. Following him were comments by Jonah Goldberg of National Review. The moderator was Cato Senior Policy Analyst Marian L. Tupy. Cato offered this description:

The Magna Carta was a milestone that circumscribed the power of the sovereign for the first time in human history. In his new book, distinguished British historian and television personality David Starkey looks at the origins of the Great Charter in the 13th century, its significant early revisions, and the ways in which it has been interpreted and reinterpreted by subsequent generations. Starkey explains how core principles of this quintessentially English document migrated to the North American colonies and eventually became the cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution.

Near the end of the video I ask a question of Jonah Goldberg.

September 10, 2015

Get your license here

A deputy clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky pledges to obey a federal judge over his boss. On this rock is built our republic.

Senate Democrats give Obama victory on Iran nuclear deal

The United States Senate today struck a major blow for diplomacy before war. I wrote about the Iran deal in July.

September 09, 2015

Matt Staver compares marriage for gay couples to sodomizing children

Kim Davis's lawyer shows his colors.

Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

The breathtaking mendacity of a war criminal. (Compilation by the White House.)

Hillary Clinton addresses the Iran nuclear deal

This is a presentation by someone with the seriousness, the experience, and the judgment to become president. I wrote early in the 2008 election cycle that Hillary was formidable and not to be underestimated, and she demonstrates it again here. Contrast this with the glib and reckless attacks on the deal by several Republican candidates. And I liked her humor, after a coughing fit due to allergies during the interview following the speech, when she quipped that "Republican histamines are everywhere."

Privilege by Gaslight


In my Blade column this week: authoritarians and demagogues are trying to win by driving us crazy. Don't let them! Here's a portion:

If you didn't know better, recent news might have you thinking that anyone with a Hispanic accent is an alien; that activists protesting police violence are cop killers; and that a government official's religious freedom entitles her to impose her beliefs on an entire county.

Enough of these brazen falsehoods could drive a person crazy. This is called "gaslighting" after Charles Boyer's efforts in the 1944 movie Gaslight to make Ingrid Bergman think she is losing her mind so he can get her out of the way and steal her aunt's jewels.

When Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos challenged Donald Trump's promise to deport eleven million undocumented workers, he was treated like an undocumented worker himself. Trump has slandered Mexicans and used one murder to support a media narrative about criminal hordes flooding America that is entirely at odds with the facts. Undocumented immigrants in fact have a lower crime rate. Trump subsequently described Ramos as "raving like a madman." This is like describing women who assert themselves as hysterical. When Trump contemptuously ordered Ramos removed, the other reporters should have walked out. If tough questions are off-limits, we have a celebrity media availability, not a press conference.

These crude tactics appeal to the Trumpen Proletariat (a term coined by conservative writer Jonah Goldberg): the sort of people who vehemently opposed Obamacare but now favor single payer just because Trump is for it. Goodbye, coherent politics. Hello, fearless leader defended by a mob.

Read the whole thing here.

How Kim Davis' defenders are sounding increasingly absurd and desperate

So, will she try to stop gay marriage licenses again when she returns to the office today? Will Judge Bunning send her back to jail? Will reality suddenly conform itself to the mad fantasies of Matt Staver and Mike Huckabee? Stay tuned.

Kim Davis released from jail into Huckabee rally

The level of delusion here surpasses description.

Huckabee's inane theory that gay marriage is still illegal

September 08, 2015

Obama cements Senate victory on Iran nuclear deal

Excellent! Congratulations, Mr. President, and thank you for putting diplomacy first.

September 04, 2015

The brass tacks on #KimDavis

Well and succinctly put.

The truth about #BlackLivesMatter

Amen and bravo to the NYT editorial board.

The effort to defame Black Lives Matter

The malign fraud of right-wingers smearing police reformers as cop killers

I will have more to say on this lie soon. For now, I offer contrasting tweets from Radley Balko, author of Rise of the Warrior Cop.

September 03, 2015

Judge won't grant straight couple a divorce because gay marriage is legal

A brazen non-sequitur from a Tennessee judge.

New rules bar transgender discrimination in health care

Kim Davis jailed for contempt

This is good news for the rule of law. Will she cash in? There is little doubt of it--but that is why Judge Bunning ordered jail for her, since fines would hardly be enough in her case.

NYPD officers punished for not targeting people of color?