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June 18, 2015

Clarence Thomas upholds Texas's right to bar Confederate flag on license plates

Every once in a while, Justice Thomas rediscovers his soul and does the right thing.

June 16, 2015

RBG says 'the climate of the era' favors gay rights

At 51:00 in this interview, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses how "the climate of the era" affects Supreme Court rulings, and cites gay rights as one example. Any day now we can stop looking for hints and read the court's decision for ourselves.

Vatican indicts ex-ambassador for sex abuse

It's about time.

A reading on torture with Helen Mirren

Guam Archbishop: Marriage Equality the 'Road to a Totalitarian System'

For a Roman Catholic archbishop to stoke fears of totalitarianism is pretty rich, the idiocy of the remark aside.

June 15, 2015

Magna Carta at 800

Sarah Lyall at NYT discusses the enduring legacy of the great British document.

Mexican Supreme Court effectively legalizes same-sex marriage

Archbishop Wesolowski to stand trial for sex abuse

June 12, 2015

Florida repeals gay adoption ban

House passes LGBT-inclusive measure for HUD spending

A shameful moment for North Carolina

This action will not long stand, given the likely upcoming ruling by SCOTUS; but it shows the level of irrationality to which some people cling.

On the Aussie couple that will divorce if gays can marry

Actually, I am slightly more interested in whether the water swirls down their drain clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Anti-gay adoption law signed in Michigan

June 10, 2015

Marriage News Watch

AFER's Matt Baume gives an update:

A bill to allow North Carolina officials to refuse to serve any couple they don't like is several steps closer to passing, even after the governor vetoed it. Texas is coming up with new excuses for refusing to issue marriage licenses. And with a federal ruling on marriage due any day now, Judge Roy Moore continues to speak out against the Supreme Court.

June 05, 2015

The lowdown for #LGBT federal employees

Senate Rejects Same-Sex Benefits For Veterans In Non-Marriage Equality States

As the SCOTUS ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges approaches, Republicans are stuck in their denial. Take out a blank sheet of paper, and there you will see a complete list of everyone who is helped by this bullheaded meanness.

Catholic Archdiocese in Minnesota Charged Over Sex Abuse by Priest

June 04, 2015

The Day the World Didn't End

My latest Blade column looks at auspicious signs of ‪#‎LGBT‬ progress, including today's youth who are unfazed by apocalyptic prophecies by Republican politicians.

June 02, 2015

NC senate overrides governor's veto of magistrates refusal bill

May 29, 2015

Legislative victory against conversion therapy in Illinois

The national movement to protect youth from the discredited and dangerous practice of “conversion therapy” has another victory. On Thursday evening there was a celebration of D.C.’s new law prohibiting conversion therapy for minors. Four survivors of the practice told us their stories, which were troubling but also inspiring. There is growing energy in this movement.

Hastert's covered-up conduct dated from time as a wrestling coach

Uh oh. "The actions date to Hastert’s time as a Yorkville, Ill., high school wrestling coach and teacher, the official said."

Floods, rainbows, and divining God's will


Sepp Blatter says FIFA must police itself

Because self-policing has worked so well for FIFA in the past! How about no?

D.C. Metro suspends issue-oriented ads; Pam Geller cries 'Sharia!'

Pam Geller decries the DC Metro's decision to suspend all issue-oriented ads on Metro trains and buses. She says, "It's sharia law!" Actually, no. Metro isn't obligated to take ads; it just cannot pick and choose among them based on their message. Past cases suggest that if they run any such ads, they have to run her incendiary Islamophobic ones. I think it is better for other groups to place competing ads than for Metro to suspend all such ads.

I wrote about censorship and Metro in the Blade in 2003.

May 28, 2015

NC governor to veto anti-gay magistrates marriage refusal bill

Thank you, Gov. McCrory, for upholding the Constitution.

May 27, 2015

US AG Lynch speaks on FIFA corruption probe


Kameny to be inducted into Labor Hall of Honor

I've known this was in the offing. Very happy it's official.

L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers

As a longtime union member (AFGE Local 12, U.S. Department of Labor) until my retirement in 2011, I will not curse the above-referenced hypocrites. Instead, I simply say to them: you embarrass me.

TX lawmaker will withdraw bill rather than allow anti-gay amendment

AG Racine seeks stay in ruling weakening D.C. concealed carry law

Thanks, General Racine!

If you have no moral authority, maybe stop moralizing

(Hat tip: Stephen Fry)

May 26, 2015

MD Gov. Hogan to allow two LGBT bills to become law

Better than a veto.

Fifth Circuit denies stay in immigration ruling

Marriage News Watch

Matt Baume of AFER has the latest on the struggle for marriage equality.

May 24, 2015

Rowling cheers Ireland, invokes Dumbledore

Now, will Americans proud of Irish heritage confront their anti-gay bigotry?

Joe Sudbay is right. It is time for the aggressive homophobia of so many American Hibernian organizations to be challenged more and more to end their anti-gay bigotry. Their attitude was just overwhelmingly rebuked back in their motherland.

Cleveland judge clears cop of all charges despite #49shots at unarmed pair

Saturday's acquittal of a Cleveland police officer who jumped onto the hood of a car and fired 49 shots through the windshield at an unarmed couple demonstrated the near-impossibility of getting justice against out-of-control police even after the most outrageously excessive use of deadly force.

Below are some illustrative tweets from yesterday regarding the bench-trial verdict and the protests that followed. I note that nonviolent protests were met with phalanxes of riot-geared officers who seemed determined to thwart constitutional speech and provoke unrest in order to justify their habitual brutality. Meanwhile, officials called for citizens not to be violent, when the clear problem was police violence. Wake up, America.

May 23, 2015

An air for thee, my fairy-circled isle

At such a joyous moment, the proper mode of celebration for a true son of Ireland (and on my mother's side I am a Gildea and a Fitzgerald) is to play a beloved old air and have a good cry. Here, then, is "In Derry Vale," sung by the lustrous Maureen Hegarty.

Oh, Derry Vale, my thoughts are ever turning
to your broad stream and fairy-circled lea.
For your green isles my exiled heart is yearning,
so far away across the sea.

It's Yes by a landslide in Ireland

Thanks and "Go maire tú an lá!" to my Irish cousins. Whaddaya say, Justice Kennedy?

May 22, 2015

National Review's staggering hypocrisy on judicial bias


The National Review slams Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for officiating at the May 17th Dupont Circle wedding of Michael Kahn and Charles Mitchem, despite the fact that civil marriage equality has been the law in D.C. for more than five years, a fact unaffected by the SCOTUS marriage ruling expected by the end of June. Their denunciation of RBG is based on the fact that she is not shy about displaying her views on the subject of marriage equality.

Where is their outrage at the openly and repeatedly demonstrated contempt for the rights of gay people on the part of Ginsburg's colleague Antonin Scalia? They are silent on that. As the saying goes, they can take several seats.