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August 26, 2016

US-backed group in Indonesia supports anti-LGBT crackdown


Pedro Almodóvar Says His Version of ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Would Have Had More Gay Sex

No doubt.

Pastor who praised Pulse nightclub killings arrested for child molestation

Surprise, surprise.

Just a few light-years from the White House!

About that exoplanet orbiting Proxima Centauri, our sun's closest stellar neighbor: as @SciAm notes below, it may not be habitable.

August 25, 2016

Jill Stein calls Julian Assange a hero

It gets worse and worse for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, because she keeps opening her mouth.

Entire neighborhood flies rainbow flags after bigots egg their gay neighbors

Cher says "my people won't believe" Donald Trump's pro-LGBTQ rhetoric

Gay couple makes history in South Africa with birth of triplets

Orlando hospitals announce they won't charge Pulse nightclub massacre victims

Clinton 10 Points Over Trump in New Quinnipiac Poll

Hillary Clinton Ties Trump to Klan, White Supremacists, Alt-Right in New Ad, Speech

Clinton: Trump is "taking hate groups mainstream"

Millennials emerge as most LGBT-friendly group in history

The man behind Belize’s gay rights ruling

August 24, 2016

The Past and Present of #NateParker

My latest opinion piece has the tagline: "Rape, racial justice, and rehabilitation are on Hollywood's doorstep."

"Al Roker Gives Ryan Lochte All the Shade He Deserves"

Attack of the Closeted Church Queens

Preach, Sampson!

Ciara and Russell Wilson moved wedding to London after NC's HB2

Good for them.

August 23, 2016

Charles Blow slams Trump's diversity director for helping a bigot

Charles M. Blow is on target as usual.

Wikileaks outs gay Saudi, two rape victims

Why is Julian Assange doing this?

Texas AG Ken Paxton Finally Agrees to Meet One of His Young Transgender Victims

Obama's 6 Gay U.S. Ambassadors Are Leading the Global Fight for LGBT Rights

I know one of these guys, and he's a terrific human being. But here's a pop quiz: what's wrong with this picture?

Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Expected to Debut at No. 1 on Billboard Chart

Trailer: Indie Drama ‘Moonlight’ Looks at What It’s Like to Grow Up Black and Gay in America

Podcast: Rio Olympics were the gayest ever

Olympian Feyisa Lilesa stood up to Ethopia's violence & became a hero

Olympic silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa cannot safely return to Ethiopia because of his brave protest against his government's brutal oppression of the Oromo people. I have an Oromo friend who has been sending me firsthand reports of the government violence. It is sickening. If Lilesa wants to come to America, we should welcome him.

‘He’s an idiot’: Watch black voters react to Trump’s ‘What do you have to lose?’ pitch

Colbert mocks Trump’s black outreach: You’re already on fire so shoot yourself in the head

Trump staffers busted for posting racist memes and calling for violence against minorities

Our friend Ernest Hopkins comments:

Wow, as if his disingenuous speech to the 'African American' community wasn't enough, now we see his staff, priming the pump for the racists. It's pretty bad.

Gee, how can you resist a pitch like this: Your schools are crap, you live in squalor, you have no jobs and your kids are in prison! Let's be honest: this is not really aimed at black folks. No one with more dignity than Stepin Fetchit would buy that. Since he is so ignorant, someone should sit him down and tell him about Black Wall Street. About generations of struggle. About everyone from Nat Turner to Clementa Pinckney. About Madam C.J. Walker, Charles Drew, George Washington Carver, and Katherine Johnson. About the self-educated ex slave who became the most powerful speaker in our history. About the courage and discipline that sustained a bus boycott 60 years ago for more than a year despite threats and bombings. Tell him what Barack Obama has had to overcome to function as president. Tell him about Oak Bluffs. If he didn't treat African Americans like exotica, if he actually met with and listened to them, he might have picked up some of this stuff.

August 18, 2016

A look inside Marco Rubio's desperate fake support for queer rights

Derrick Gordon: I didn't get a fair shot at the NBA because I'm gay

Congresswoman Norton battles interference in D.C. gun law

Thank you, Congresswoman. You are right.

Rio Summer Games go down as the gayest Olympics ever

18 Absurdly False Claims North Carolina Just Made to Defend #HB2

Center Global seeks housing assistance for LGBT asylum seekers

DOJ will end use of private prisons

Glad to hear this. Privatizing prisons creates incentives inimical to justice.

Clinton meets with top police officers as Trump casts himself as "law and order" candidate

Tyson Gay: going for gold, wearing gold

Very nice.

The story of Aleppo, in one image of a dazed boy

The job of a photojournalist is not a comfortable desk job. By its nature it often puts a photog in harm's way, or close to suffering, to capture a story in one striking image. You and I can gaze at this remarkable photo at a safe remove, but not the photographer. The Syrian child covered in dust and blood is 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, and the photographer is Mahmoud Raslan. Without such images, we would avoid confronting the horrors of war even more than we do.

Obama: perception isn't reality

This is one of the qualities I admire the most about this president, though I do not underestimate the importance of public perception. Obama cares more about the reality behind the image crafting. Let the haters with their cheap shots do their worst. He is head and shoulders above them all.