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August 14, 2016

Army Sec. Fanning, Jason Collins to attend Olympics closing ceremony

Christopher Barry dies of drug overdose

I learned this awful, shocking news early Sunday morning from my friend Ronald King, who recently worked with Christopher on community outreach in Ward 8. Like so many others, I was rooting for this young man's healing. I met him last year during the special election, and found him very affable, though I was concerned that those who pushed him to run were exploiting him and not helping him. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family and friends, and to all who did try to help him, who will be especially hurting today. It is so hard to free others of their demons. As Ronald wrote, may we redouble our efforts against the scourge of drug addiction in our communities. What a sad day. There was so much life ahead for him.

August 12, 2016

Federal Appeals Court Denies Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant Request to Enforce Sweeping Anti-Gay Law

NBC Sports has a gay problem


"Moonlight" promises an intimate look at being black and gay in America

Mike Pence's Anti-Women, Anti-Gay, & Anti-Science Record

Disgraced Former Congressman Mark Foley Sits Behind Trump at Rally as Trump Slams Clinton for Mateen


There will be a new TV show starring a gay superhero

Nancy Pelosi visits Pulse nightclub

Daily Beast deletes gay Olympian Grindr article. Nice Hines & editors should be next.

Nico Hines and the Daily Beast put gay Olympians from oppressive countries at risk, and took a full day before taking the exploitive article down. I agree with Cyd Ziegler and Amina Fonua.

August 10, 2016

Viewpoint: Trump, the Curious Christian Choice

My column this week looks at the odd alliance between the religious right and the utterly heathenish Trump.

August 09, 2016

Trump suggests "2nd Amendment" solution to Hillary picking judges

Please explain to to me what this means other than encouragement of an assassination. He has sunk to a level we have never seen before in a major-party candidate.

August 05, 2016

North Carolina: Appeals Court Refuses Stay On Ruling That Struck Down Racist Voter ID Law

Hannity shows why a blowout Trump loss won't end the GOP civil war

The fun continues! Sean Hannity approvingly tweeted a quote of Ben Carson saying, "It really boils down to one candidate who is of the people & one who is the epitome of the established ruling class." Dear Mr. Hannity, Dr. Carson is a loon. What's your excuse? Grief over Roger Ailes? ‪#‎StepBackHesGonnaBlow‬

Police raid pride event in Uganda, make arrests - attendees take to Twitter

Our friend Pepe Julian Onziema, one of those arrested, has tweeted:

August 04, 2016

Trump: 'I know far more about foreign policy' than Obama

Obama, what a slob. Could he get Mexico to pay for a wall? Fat chance. He couldn't even get them to pick up a check. I eat at the best restaurants, never pay a cent. I've slept with the top women in the world. I've had more foreign affairs than an airline pilot, believe me. But he reads briefing papers, oh, I'm so impressed. I could take a leak on his briefing papers. I don't need a briefing. Only pussies need a briefing. Oh, Mr. President, our nukes are just for show, you can't really use them. Fuck you! I'm the president. I don't like your attitude, I'll fire a missile up your ass. Hey, look at Mika over here wetting her panties. Don't worry, honey, I'm just joking with you. Where's the band? Play Hail to the Chief again. I love that. First rate theme music. Makes you wanna bomb somebody. Let 'em know who's in charge.

(Pardon me. I was just channeling The Donald. But then I remembered that when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you, so I stopped.)

Blow: Trump Reflects White Male Fragility

Charles M. Blow is right. If you have watched some of Trump's recent rallies, you know that the racism and sexism he is tapping into are real and ugly and frightening.

Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions

As Sue O'Connell, my editor at Bay Windows, says, "Oops."

Antigay Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp Won't Be Returning to Congress

Video: the personal cost of Peter Tatchell's human rights activism

Our friend, British human rights activist Peter Tatchell, talks about the personal price he has paid for his decades of activism.

Yes, Donald Trump. The electoral system is rigged – against African Americans.

Log Cabin Republicans continues to mull endorsement of Trump


A message for Donald Trump: Giving up a career isn’t the price that sexual harassment victims should pay

Gay congressman warns of Donald Trump's danger to LGBT rights

Fox News Poll Shows Clinton Beating Trump by Huge Margins on Nearly Every Topic

WNBA star, U.S. Olympian Elena Della Donne comes out publicly

LGBT groups criticize Pope Francis over gender comments

Pope Francis does not know what he is talking about. This is but the latest reminder that his pastoral gifts do not change the fact that he is a conservative.

Anti-LGBT violence, impeachment of Rousseff threaten to overshadow Olympics

US Supreme Court blocks ruling allowing trans student to use boys' bathroom

One more reminder that we are not done. This is just a temporary hold, not a ruling on the merits. But we have so much work left to do.

Happy birthday, Mr. President

Happy 55th birthday to the finest president of my lifetime.

"We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths –- that all of us are created equal –- is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall...." - Barack Obama, Second Inaugural Address, January 21, 2013

July 31, 2016

Answering Trump Supporters


Wayne Grudem, a Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona, writes at the conservative website Townhall.com about why he supports Donald Trump. His article, "Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice," acknowledges several of Trump's character and behavioral flaws and then says it doesn't matter if the alternative is worse. He goes into a long list of issues on which he claims that Trump is better than Hillary Clinton.

I could not disagree more with Professor Grudem, so here I will respond to several of them. Given the enormous gulf between the candidates with regard to experience and qualifications, this election should not be close. The fact that the race is close should be a stark reminder not to treat the frightening prospect of a Trump presidency as something to dismiss lightly. Perhaps you may find some of my arguments useful in making the case to friends and family members who are sticking with Trump despite his almost daily barrage of appalling statements. Here goes, for what it's worth.

Abortion. I am sick of the religious bullying on this issue. The utter contempt for people making different choices in this area is very disturbing. I am personally troubled by abortion, and think that the ideal situation is for unwanted pregnancies to be prevented through contraception. But the question of whether to continue or end a pregnancy is not my decision. It is up to the woman. You can say a thousand times that this makes me pro-abortion, but that is not true. Respecting people's right to make a different choice than mine does not mean I agree with that choice. The point is that IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

As for contraception, the Catholic Church, in which I was raised, is stoutly opposed to it. A leading anti-choicer, former senator Rick Santorum, has made it clear that he does not just want to overturn Roe v. Wade, but also Griswold v. Connecticut, which legalized contraception for married couples, and Eisenstadt v. Baird, which did the same for single women. I find it stunning that people in this day and age are willing, much less determined, to mind their neighbors' business in such an intrusive way. The constitutional separation of church and state protects everyone by prohibiting us from imposing our religious dictates on one another.

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July 30, 2016

Houston Chronicle has seen enough, endorses Clinton

Imagine Texas going blue.

Meet Tyler Clinton

Some gratuitous beefcake for a Sunday afternoon.

John Oliver on Trump's false equation of feelings with facts

John Oliver takes on the belief by Trump and his minions that they can create feelings, and feelings are equal to facts. He doesn't mention it, but this recalls Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Newt Gingrich is shown brazenly asserting that people's "feeling" that crime is up and the economy is down, which the evidence shows is the opposite of the truth, is just as valid as the correct information cited by a reporter. He refers to the FBI crime report as the work of "theoreticians."

So whipping up crowds into a fury over Trumped-up lies makes the lies true. This insanity is what you are voting for if you don't vote Democratic. Because the GOP is in thrall to nihilism in service of power at any cost, even if the cost is treason.

July 29, 2016

What was it with the California delegation?

There are activists, then there are grievance collectors. With the country threatened by fascism and nativism, these folks were busy swallowing Republican smears to nurse their bitterness over not getting everything they wanted. They were never Democrats.

Cleveland cancels Pride amid safety concerns

Federal Appeals Court Overturns NC Voter ID Law

Big news. At this point, the Republicans seem to realize that they can only win elections if they steal them.

Jill Stein, anti-vaxxer

Disturbing. These days it can be hard telling the far left from the far right.

Khizr Khan at DNC 2016 slams Trump's Islamophobia

A powerful rebuke of Donald Trump's Islamophobia by the father of U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who died in service to this country.

Reverend William Barber shakes the rafters at Democratic Convention

Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP and leader of the Moral Mondays movement, gave a powerful speech Thursday evening at the Democratic National Convention. He is a strong ally of LGBT equality.