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January 09, 2017

Streep quietly, eloquently eviscerates Trump's bullying, xenophobia

Brava, Meryl. Without rancor and without mentioning the president-elect's name, the most celebrated actor of either sex in Hollywood used her moment to raise her voice against bullying and xenophobia.

Trump responded by calling Streep overrated. Here is my response to him.

Donnie Connie, howling husk,
Belched his bile from dawn 'til dusk.
A movie goddess threw him shade,
So Donnie Connie bawled and brayed.

Copyright © 2017 by Richard J. Rosendall. All rights reserved.

Women's March on Washington opens contentious dialogues about race

Jan. 19 - Love Trumps Hate Rainbow Bash

Jan. 13-15 - Mid-Atlantic Leather runs in D.C.

It's a busy January, and part of it is MAL.

Air Force upgrades 91-year-old gay veteran’s discharge

White House backs Kerry apology for 1950s era gay firings

January 06, 2017

“I know because I won both of them.” 9 “amazing” moments from the Obama presidency.

Kirchick: How Trump Got His Party to Love Russia

Wyss: We must fight Trump’s Muslim registry

Shannon E. Wyss writes at the Blade on Trump's unconstitutional proposal for a Muslim registry.

Church of Scotland minister calls for LGBTI issues to be taught in schools to tackle homophobia

Texas Lt. Gov. Unveils Wide-Reaching Anti-Transgender Legislation

Stop Jeff Sessions

Mesha Caldwell, first reported trans murder victim of 2017

Bigotry kills. The grim evidence continues.

Anatomy of a scene: Moonlight

The making of a luminous scene in Moonlight. Alex Hibbert really didn't know how to swim, so Mahershala Ali actually was teaching him. James Laxton's cinematography, Nicholas Britell's score, the actors' work, all combine to make a beautiful scene in a remarkably powerful movie. This image of a baptism keeps coming back to me. I wouldn't be surprised if it opens the Oscars broadcast.

The cynical ploy of blaming Black Lives Matter

Police quickly arrested four suspects in a Chicago hate crime, but racists are gleefully blaming it on Black Lives Matter, which does not advocate hate or violence. Of course it would never occur to these malignant white clowns to take responsibility for the crimes of some random white person, even if their rhetoric helped incite it. This is the poison of racial privilege. But calling them deplorable is the truly unforgivable thing? They can Rot. In. Hell.

The awful risk of Trump's loose talk on torture

A thought on Epiphany

Dream of Kings, Autun to 1125-1135, the Saint-Lazare, chapter house,
Autun / DRAC de Bourgogne, Dijon © Hirmer Photo Archive Munich

A year ago today, on the Feast of the Epiphany, I visited NYC to see a matinee performance of Hamilton. That was a theatrical epiphany. I feel no epiphany today. There are not three wise men in Trump's announced cabinet, though there is plenty of gold.

The men behind Moonlight reveal just how personal it was

January 03, 2017

Deval Patrick testifies to Jeff Sessions' record of opposing voting rights

Taking the high road in the age of Trump

A smokescreen for bigotry: Disguising anti-Muslim bias with land-use objections

December 31, 2016

13 transgender pioneers reflect on the state of queer politics today

Gospel Singer Kim Burrell: Gay People are ‘Perverted’ Sinners Who are Going to Die in 2017

Well thanks for sharing, I guess. Did Kim date a gay man? What is her problem? Even if she had some unhappy personal experience that somehow involved a gay person, that was not the entire gay community. So at best she is using lynch mob logic. If your spouse cheats on you, do you go out and attack some random other person's spouse? Who thinks this is even coherent, much less reasonable? And maybe she is just ignorant and hateful. Do something useful and knock this crap off, people.

Publishing giant defends #MiloYiannopoulos book deal

I projectile vomit in their general direction.

Top 10 national stories of the year

Top 10 local stories of 2016

December 27, 2016

President Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Abe visit Pearl Harbor

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reciprocates President Obama's visit to Hiroshima by visiting the Pearl Harbor memorial site in Honolulu.

December 26, 2016

Capehart: We need a conversation about the responsibilities of the news consumer


Sentence overturned in HIV transmission case

GLAA has long opposed the criminalization of what should be understood and treated as a health issue. A good rule of thumb when facing the making of public policy based on controversial cases is: who will be helped by our doing this?

J.K. Rowling contributes to ‘Love is Love’ Orlando tribute comic

Never forget our allies.

Trump Pick to Head Health & Human Services Traded Health Stocks While Sponsoring Bills That Could Have Affected Them

Of course he did.

Taiwan takes another step towards legalizing same-sex marriage

Carrie Fisher in stable condition after heart attack

One of the hardest jobs a parent can have is to face the loss of a child. Carrie Fisher is 60, her mother 84. Both have survived a lot. Both are smart and feisty. A lot of people are sending healing thoughts Carrie's way.

A&E abruptly cancels KKK docu-series before it airs

You have to watch them every minute.

December 23, 2016

Earth from space - Live feed from ISS

From the International Space Station. Peace on earth. (Aspirational, not descriptive.)

Trump’s latest comments stoke talk of a new nuclear arms race

This knucklehead will get us all killed.

U.S. declines to veto U.N. Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements

The Obama administration got this exactly right. Bibi can pop a blood vessel as far as I'm concerned, as can the people in Trumpland. The settlements are a long-term existential threat to Israel, and hence to the world, though the diehards refuse to recognize it. Brava to Ambassador Power for quoting Ronald Reagan's opposition to further settlements from 1982. Without a two-state solution, the only peace in that region's future is the peace of the grave.

Diane Rehm says farewell at NPR

This morning I have been listening to Diane Rehm's final broadcast on NPR. Earlier she hosted a panel discussion on the Trump transition. What a loss her departure is. As a gay caller said with appreciation, she has had numerous programs over the years on LGBT issues. (I note that her account of her husband's painful death gave a boost to DC's death with dignity bill, which GLAA supported and which was signed earlier this week by Mayor Bowser.) The sound of her voice has told many people they were in a safe harbor. Judy Collins just called in and briefly sang to her. Honors and plaudits to this exemplar of civil discourse.

December 21, 2016


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio vows resistance to Trump's racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and misogynist policies.


Hypocrisy alert: Ted Cruz Whines That Obstructionist Dems Will Filibuster