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March 04, 2014

Fox news babe asks a civil rights question, doesn't like the answer

I think this is Megyn Kelly talking to Bernie Goldberg, but I confess these Fox News models all start to look alike to me. I think Margo Channing had it right when she handed Max Fabian the bicarb: "One good burp and you'll be rid of that Miss Casswell."

March 03, 2014

American troops perform in drag; WND gets its panties in a twist

Some American troops donned drag for a charity performance in Okinawa. World Net Daily is appalled.

Kerry on Russia's 'incredible act of aggression'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told President Obama after speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin that she was not sure he was in touch with reality.

Ellen's Oscar selfie

Ellen's selfie with several stars during the Oscar telecast last night established a new retweet record, with 1.8 million RTs as of midnight EST.

The hottest guy in the picture (IMHO), charmingly enough, was not one of the stars but Lupita Nyong'o's brother Peter, whom she called "Junior" during her acceptance speech. They are a photogenic family. Okay, Bradleys, you're cute too.

12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay

The radiant Lupita Nyong'o gave an eloquent acceptance speech as she won an Oscar last night for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave. It also won for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. This is the first film by a black director to win the top prize in Oscar's 86-year history. A fine moment of recognition for a magnificent, powerful film. It is a much-needed corrective to filmic falsehoods from "The Birth of a Nation" in 1915 to "Gone With the Wind" in 1939. Congrats and thanks to its makers.

March 02, 2014

World War 3 Russia vs Ukraine and Europe Simulation

Prediction: this is not going to happen. But Winter Storm Titan is headed for the eastern U.S.

February 25, 2014

Michael Brown defends Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law

Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch shares this.

Right-wing evangelicals in America are demonstrating by their latest statements, in case you missed it before, that they would carry out the same brutal repression against LGBT people here as we are seeing in Russia, Nigeria, Uganda, and elsewhere, if they could.

Schlafly and Solomon Suggest Ukraine-Style Uprising

The latest right-wing lunacy, courtesy Right Wing Watch.

It'll be a Merkel if no one is offended

(Photo by Marc Israel Sellem / Jerusalem Post)

Our friend Walter Olson shared this photo with the helpful advice: "Very important rule in photo composition: be aware of where the shadow is going to fall." He added:

Reminds me of the recent joke, also in questionable taste, at the height of the Greek fiscal crisis. The German Chancellor flies into Athens airport, goes through processing. "Name?" "Angela Merkel." "Occupation?" "No, just visiting for a few days."

The actual story is here.

A wee bit of Oscar news


Judy's three children (Liza, Lorna, and Joey) are going to do a tribute at the Oscars next week to mark the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. This could be painful. I may call up one of my Wiccan friends and ask them to cast a spell to keep it scripted and mercifully short.

February 23, 2014

Brooklyn Nets sign Jason Collins

Congratulations to Jason Collins for becoming the first active openly gay player in NBA history by signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Look for him to suit up tonight for the game against the Los Angeles Lakers. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted:


February 21, 2014

Lee: Will it matter if gays zero-out in D.C. elections?

Mark Lee raises an interesting question in this week's Blade.

Museveni to Western critics: Don't tell me how to run my house

Uganda President responds defiantly to Western critics of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, including the United States and Canada.

If he is so eager to reject Western influences, why does he embrace the existing anti-gay law in Uganda that comes from the old British penal code, and why does he swallow the poison of American evangelicals like Scott Lively?

AZ legislator opposes anti-gay bill

Arizona state legislator Chad Campbell explains what is wrong with SB1062.


February 14, 2014

Reactions to judge's ruling against Virginia same-sex marriage ban

A happy day in Virginia.

Meanwhile, an opponent blames Valentine's Day:

Study confirms a genetic link to sexual orientation

Wayne Besen writes at Truth Wins Out:

Sexual orientation is not a choice and the evidence is quite clear that it is caused by biological factors.This study helps further debunk myths and misconceptions spread by anti-gay activists who falsely portray homosexuality as unnatural.

February 10, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder addresses HRC New York gala

AG Eric Holder describes Justice Department efforts to protect LGBT families.

The little snowflake that couldn't

Let's hear it for Suzie Snowflake's brave protest at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony, where she refused to open into an Olympic ring.

World Congress of Families spots a conspiracy

From Right Wing Watch:

Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Alexey Komov, World Congress of Families' representative in Russia argues about communism, the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 with Accuracy In Media's Cliff Kincaid (offscreen), while WCF's Larry Jacobs tries to intervene.

Fischer: I Want Homosexuality To Be Illegal 'Because I Love Black Males'

Back slowly away.

(Hat tip: Right Wing Watch)

February 05, 2014

Clay Aiken announces congressional bid

Singer Clay Aiken has announced his candidacy to represent the 2nd Congressional district of North Carolina.

In the luge

From Canada.

(Hat tip: Joe Jervis)

February 04, 2014

Marriage equality heads to court in Virginia; haters rally outside

Joe Jervis writes:

Tens of anti-gay protesters appeared this morning outside of the Virginia federal courthouse hearing opening arguments in AFER's marriage equality lawsuits. In the sparse group was failed Virginia lieutenant governor candidate and freak show crackpot E.W. Jackson. Today's protest was organized by NOM, the Family Research Council, and the Virginia Family Foundation.

AFER reports on what is going on inside the court.

Miss M retorts

Bette responds to a beast with wit and brevity.

January 30, 2014

Masque of the Red Death

My column for this week is the most popular item (for the moment) at Metro Weekly: confronting anti-LGBT intolerance abroad requires that we also look at its agents closer to home:

Actress Goldie Hawn had no idea what she was wading into last week when she tweeted from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, "Met the wonderful President of Nigeria," and posted a photo of herself with Goodluck Jonathan. She quickly learned that Jonathan recently signed a harsh anti-gay law that set off a wave of arrests. She deleted her tweet, expressed horror, and apologized.

Hawn's gaffe was useful in drawing attention to a problem with ramifications far beyond the salons of Davos. In the city of Bauchi in northern Nigeria on Jan. 22, thousands disrupted a Shariah court by throwing stones and demanding the quick conviction and execution of 11 men on trial for their membership in gay organizations.

Read the whole thing here.

Update: BBC reports that Archbishops Justin Welby of Canterbury and John Sentamu of York have written to the presidents of Nigeria and Uganda criticizing those countries' anti-gay laws.

Rep. Grimm apologizes to reporter, invites him to lunch

TPM reports on Rep. Michael Grimm's contrition after being caught on camera threatening to throw NY1 reporter Michael Scotto off a third-floor balcony and break him "like a boy" when Scotto asked him an unwelcome question about a campaign financing scandal.

Talk dirty to me, throw me over the railing, pick up the check. Sorry, I'm not that into you....

Cheerios offers sequel to its interracial family ad

Simple and flawless.

January 28, 2014

We Shall Overcome

It was March 15, 1965 when President Lyndon Johnson spoke to a join session of Congress to call for passage of the Voting Rights Act, just eight days after Bloody Sunday. In that speech he said, "And we shall overcome," echoing the great anthem of the civil rights movement. With Pete Seeger, who popularized that song, having just died at age 94, a fitting tribute would be for President Obama to invoke that phrase tonight from the same place where LBJ spoke it.

What the President could say tonight:

Today we mourn the passing of the great American singer and champion of justice, Pete Seeger. One of the songs with which he is most associated is "We Shall Overcome." Those words rang through this chamber in 1965, when President Johnson called for passage of the Voting Rights Act after peaceful demonstrators were brutally attacked by police in Selma, Alabama. At the head of that peaceful march was a brave young man who nearly died that day, but who survived to become a conscience of our nation. Congressman Lewis, please stand. Thank you, sir. Let us honor that generation, and the cause for which so many gave their lives, by passing voting rights reform. No one who loves this country should seek to win an election by means of voter suppression.

Stay, Mister Hannity!

Nathan Lane, Tim Gunn, and other New Yorkers help Jon Stewart plead with Sean Hannity not to carry out his threat to leave New York.

January 26, 2014

Get real, Coca Cola

This update on a classic Coke commercial by Queer Nation NY is a powerful indictment of its sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics. I'm surprised that Coca Cola's lawyers haven't yet squashed it. Bravo to the folks who put this together.

Below is the trailer for Queer Nation NY's short film, The Road to Sochi. As you watch it, remember that there are people who are more offended by this kind of film than by the world's participation in Putin's Olympics. I mean, we cannot abide rudeness! Back in the 1960s, many Americans were outraged by singer Eartha Kitt's use of an appearance at the White House to protest the murderous, colonialist, and futile Vietnam War in front of President Johnson. She was blackballed for it. At this very moment, all around us are people who consider it obvious that following protocol trumps impolitic truth-telling. Otherwise, advocates for social justice would not have to work so hard. It's not that people cannot hear. They don't want to listen. That makes them much worse than sheep.

January 25, 2014

Deaf fullback Derrick Coleman responds to child's letter

Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman, who has been deaf since the age of 3 (and shown above in a Duracell commercial), responds to a deaf girl's letter. Beautiful and inspiring.

Mittens slow jams the news

He was a good sport to do it, but Mitt Romney just isn't very funny.

Swedish Marines make parody of 'Greased Lightning' in Afghanistan

This is what happens when you allow Swedes to serve in the military.

Huckabee: Dems say women need government to 'control their libido'

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Mike Huckabee caused quite a furor with his reality-challenged rant against birth control the other day:

If the Democrats want to insult women by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. Let us take this discussion all across America because women are far more than the Democrats have played them to be.

My favorite comment was by Lizz Winstead:

January 22, 2014

GOP strategist can’t admit even one white person is racist toward Obama

The Raw Story reports. After five years of racial dog whistles against Obama, they persist in saying no, the racial appeals are all coming from the President.

Another example of how much of our current politics is not about honest disagreement, but about reflexive opposition and lies. GOP opposition to the Affordable Care Act cannot be policy-based, because it was conceived by the Heritage Foundation and pioneered by Obama's 2012 Republican opponent. Democrats wanted a more liberal program, and settled for the current program as a compromise. Republicans have done all they can to sabotage their own plan while brazenly blaming any problems on Obama. They do the same with the economy. They are morally treasonous.

On field and off: an illuminating discussion with and about Richard Sherman

CNN's Piers Morgan and Rachel Nichols discuss Nichols's interview with Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, whose pass deflection in the NFC championship game against the 49ers sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Sherman was on the field of play, and used no foul language in his rant. By contrast, people calling him a thug, a monkey, and worse on Twitter are revealing how racism persists under the surface and needs little provocation to unleash. In his interview with Nichols, Sherman reveals what a smart and thoughtful guy he is.

January 21, 2014

FLOTUS shows her dunk face

First lady Michelle Obama makes a video on healthy eating with members of the Miami Heat. If this doesn't make you smile, check yourself for a pulse. This is just delightful.

Richard Sherman, student of the game

You may have seen this video of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman talking about San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree after the NFC championship game. Here's more background.

Bottom line: a superb athlete on the field of play is pumped up after just helping his team get to the Super Bowl, and people are scandalized though he did no cursing? Please! the above video (story here) shows Sherman's impressiveness.

(Hat tip: Kwame Brown)

January 20, 2014

"Always fight with love"

He was 26 years old when he launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He set a standard which is hard for anyone to meet. Our nation owes him a debt that we can never repay. Happy birthday, Dr. King.

Obama: pot safer than alcohol

In an interview with The New Yorker, President Obama says that he thinks marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, and is concerned about what reporter David Remnick calls "the radically disproportionate arrests and incarcerations for marijuana among minorities."

We at GLAA agree.