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February 04, 2016

Former D.C. mayor Vince Gray to run for Ward 7 Council seat

Our old friend Vince Gray is back in the electoral fray.

D.C. Council passes LGBT ‘cultural competency’ bill

GLAA is proud to have supported this bill.

February 03, 2016

Russia fines gay activist for giving advice to LGBTI teens

February 02, 2016

After 61 years, US Army vet kicked out for being gay gets honorable discharge

A User's Guide to This Year's Transphobic Legislation

Elite Media Furiously Spin Defeat of Their Anti-Hillary Agenda in Iowa


The relentless demonizing of this accomplished woman has failed. The haters will continue to spew their venom on social media; but at some point the voices of traditional media need to face reality. They don't have to like it, just recognize that once again, she is still standing. Her endurance and resilience, in fact, are key job skills.

January 31, 2016

Bolivian Feminists Revolt Against Christianity

(Hat tip: Craig Howell)

January 30, 2016

Since Mormon church enacted anti-gay policy, 32 young LGBTI people have killed themselves

January 29, 2016

Russian lawyer accuses goat and tiger of breaking 'gay propaganda' law

Not The Onion.

Hold Your Benghazm, None of Those 22 New Hillary Emails Were Classified When They Were Sent

Michigan gave purified water to state workers in Flint long before it acknowledged a problem with the city's water

If there is a hell....

Former Australia PM to anti-gay group: Marriage must be kept 'undamaged'

Oh, so he's opposed to adultery and divorce? Nah, he's just against us. Phooey.

New Taipei City to start registering gay couples next week

A gay couple's lawsuit is the first test for same-sex marriage in China

I love this NYT photo of Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang. They have summoned the same simple courage as countless other gay folk all over the world in standing up for their love. They inspire others, and the struggle grows and spreads.

January 27, 2016

'An Eye For An Eye': Trump Shows How He Would Govern – Goes Old Testament On Fox Over

FBI, State Police Initiate 'Containment' Of Occupied Federal Refuge, Release Bundy Booking Photos

Indiana Senate Committee Kills Anti-Gay 'RFRA On Steroids' Bill

Nominees announced for GLAAD Media Awards 2016

January 25, 2016

Anti-abortion activists behind secret Planned Parenthood videos are indicted

Ian McKellen on Oscars: Industry is also discriminating against gay people

Pope Francis reiterates opposition to same-sex marriage

Dear gay Catholics, His Holiness is not that into you.

Gay D.C. teacher acquitted of sexual assault

Creating Shame: Anti-Israel protest misguided, offensive

An excellent commentary by Kevin Naff on the last week's contretemps at Creating Change.

January 23, 2016

Protesters disrupt reception with Israeli activists at LGBT conference

UN lodges protest over Malawi political party spokesman's 'kill the gays' remarks

Chinese couple will have first hearing regarding marriage January 28

January 21, 2016

Biden speaks about LGBT rights at World Economic Forum

Former Botswana president speaks in support of LGBT rights

Hearing goes smoothly for Fanning as Army secretary nominee

#TN Lawmakers Kill Bill That Would Void Same-Sex Marriage, Cost $8.5 Billion

Holtzclaw Sentenced To 263 Years

For once, the blue wall of silence does not protect a criminal officer from justice.

Or how about #snobama?

That's one solution: surrender in advance and shut Metro down all weekend. Remember, DC was designed by a Frenchman. ‪#‎snOMG‬ ‪#‎snohedidnt‬ #snowvwade

January 20, 2016

Task Force reverses decision to cancel the ‘Beyond the Bridge’ reception

I am glad to see this development. ADL responds below.

January 19, 2016

LGBT contingent marches in D.C.’s MLK parade

GLAA VP for Political Affairs Charles Butler is quoted in this story.

Russia's Duma rejects bill banning gays from coming out

Carol sweeps Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Awards

LGBT group cancels conference reception with Israeli activists

Allowing diverse voices to be heard and challenged is essential to advancing equality and dignity for all. Enforcement of some folks' view of ideological purity is no better coming from the left than from the right. I say as a strong critic of Netanyahu's policies and war crimes that the Task Force's action in this case was pernicious and lamentable.

Our colleague Craig Howell writes, "Illustrating why I haven’t been a Task Force member for years." Our friend Dana Beyer wrote a bracing response.

January 17, 2016

Trump slams Cruz for taking money from 'people who espouse gay marriage'

15-year-old girl arrested in Metro attack on gay couple

A disturbing story.

GOP Lawmaker's Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign Backfiring in Tennessee