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December 01, 2015

Marco Rubio: 9/11 Was God's Plan (Video)

On the other hand, it appears less and less likely that Sen. Rubio becoming president is part of God's plan.

November 30, 2015

Francis visits #Uganda w/o mentioning criminalization of homosexuality


November 20, 2015

Rep. Polis defends vote to block Syrian refugees

Rep. Jared Polis defends his disgraceful vote to block Syrian refugees.

France's long history in Mali

Hostages rescued from Mali hotel

Hillary Clinton addresses national security at Council on Foreign Relations

Solid presentation by the former Secretary of State on the need for America to choose resolve over fear.

November 18, 2015

1830 Mormons In Salt Lake City Quit LDS Church Over New Anti-Gay Policies

US Bishops Are Rewriting Voter Guide To Include Same-Sex Marriage As 'Intrinsic Evil'

There is definitely evil here; the bishops should look in the mirror. They have strayed so far from Christ that it should make any decent person want to throw up.

November 14, 2015

Paris attack: how the world reacted

Obama on Paris attacks

November 09, 2015

GOP candidates cozy up to 'death penalty for gays' pastor

From our friend Alvin McEwen.

Sen. Hatch joins attack on church-state separation

Another conservative joins the attack on one of the pillars of American freedom.

Fake controversy: the so-called 'War on Christmas'


Message to Christian supremacists: we are on to your bullying disguised as victim mongering. Knock it off.

November 05, 2015

New documentary explores the reality of being black and gay in the Church

November 04, 2015

Scary Scrum of Candidates

My Blade column this week (written before Tuesday's election) is now up. While it may be tempting, please do not take my humble musings as a cue to go crashing out of bedroom windows. I only recommend that for deranged candidates who are eager to defeat Satan.

Signorile: Prop 8 redux as LGBT rights are put on the ballot

Signorile is spot on. Prop 8 redux, indeed. So many of our allies with deep pockets have a fear of flying, to use a 70s phrase. The bathroom panic lie deserved a powerful, hair-singeing response. I can imagine someone suggesting it at a meeting of overpaid "experts" and being shot down.

We know what Tony Perkins is going to say. What is more scandalous at this point is how our community's and its allies' money is squandered by people afraid of pressing the fight. It's like people still sending money to the Red Cross after $500 million in Haitian relief donations translated to a total of six houses being built. These incompetent people, these wet noodle warriors should be run out of town on a rail, not rewarded. Instead, we'll get more hand-wringing appeals from them saying, "We're not done, send your faith offering now and we'll send you this lovely rosewood crucifix." Sorry, I'm confusing them with religious hucksters.

We need to put our armor on and get ready to fight! No, our rights should not be subject to a popular vote. That's part of it. But when a fight is on, we've got to bring everything we've got to it.

Kim Davis In New Court Brief Blasts 'Impotent Kentucky Governor'

Kim Davis refuses to go away. And soon she will have a right-wing governor backing her up.

Israel's Supreme Court to consider 'historic' gay marriage petition

October 29, 2015

Witchcraft 101: the most common myths debunked

Fired gay priest accuses Vatican of making lives of LGBTI people 'a hell'

October 22, 2015

House passes Boehner’s DC school 'choice' bill

As The Hill says of this, "Passage represents a swan song for the outgoing Speaker." We are very much opposed to this program. Here's a link to the letter from D.C. Council members opposing the program. We were pleased to take part in persuading members to sign the letter.

October 21, 2015

Netanyahu says a Palestinian gave Hitler the idea for the Holocaust

As our friend Dana Beyer succinctly put it, "The depths to which this man will sink."

Top Mormon leader says people like Kim Davis should just do their jobs and marry gay couples

A sign of the times.

Gay Polish priest describes coming out as 'liberation'

October 15, 2015

Obama administration report denounces 'ex-gay' therapy

The campaign to end this discredited and dangerous practice gathers steam.

Rosenstein: end D.C. private school vouchers

Congressional imposition of private school vouchers on the District is not just being done by Republicans. Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein and Cory Booker back the program as well. Former Mayor Anthony Williams is a longtime proponent of the program. We at GLAA think it is inappropriate to spend public tax dollars to subsidize faith-based education when such schools are free to discriminate against us. There are other reasons as well, including studies that show the programs don't work, and the lack of accountability. Read the letter from D.C. Council members opposing vouchers.

October 12, 2015

South African church recognizes gay marriage

October 09, 2015

A Tale of Two Pilgrimages

My commentary in this week's Washington Blade: Francis and Farrakhan go to Washington.

African archbishop: Countries "need time to deal with homosexuality"

Your Grace, you have had long enough.

October 05, 2015

Gov. Brown signs controversial end-of-life bill

Thank you, Gov. Brown. GLAA's testimony on D.C.'s Death with Dignity Act can be found here.

October 04, 2015

Vatican fires priest who came out as gay on eve of synod

Pope Francis, Kim Davis and culture wars revisited

September 30, 2015

Pope Francis sought out Kim Davis for a blessing

I hardly know what to say about the revelation that the pope met secretly with Kim Davis while here in Washington. I cannot say I was surprised, given the harsh anti-gay things he said when he was Cardinal Bergoglio and his inviting the likes of Tony Perkins to a confab last year. But after my first angry reactions as I was reading my Twitter feed, I thought of my gay Catholic friends, some of them extraordinary activists and the most admirable of people. Then I thought of love ones whose spirits were crushed by religious homophobia. And I thought of the representatives of the Archdiocese of Washington that fought us on every major piece of pro-LGBT legislation before the D.C. Council for the past three decades. And my main feeling is great sorrow.

I left the Church 45 years ago, not because I was gay but because I did not like the authoritarian mindset and the expectation that I should let others do my thinking for me. But though you can leave the Church, the Church does not so easily leave you if you were born and raised in it. This is family for me, who growing up had a nun for a cousin and a priest for an uncle. I know that people I care about and respect are in pain. I don’t feel like marshaling arguments right now. Even though I myself counseled against wishful thinking with this conservative pope on account of his pastoral gifts, that doesn’t remove the sadness one bit.

All I can say, as I said long ago to a lover whose guilt and self-hatred stole him from me, is that you are not disordered, and no God could be sadistic enough to give you this love and this desire and then condemn you for it. That so many persist in doing so, and urge the cruelty of lifelong celibacy on us as the only acceptable option, is wickedness supported by cherry-picked lines from ancient texts most of which the quoters blithely ignore. I can’t blame anyone for getting their hopes up. I learned a crucial lesson long ago, that each of us has a separate journey to make. Just consider, if you are a bit frayed at the moment, that there is more fellowship around you than you may realize.

One of the good early reactions to the confirmation from the Vatican is from Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry.

Pope Francis calls Rome’s mayor ‘pretend Catholic’ for supporting marriage equality

Nice of @Pontifex to wait until he was out of the U.S. to give his blunt opinion.

September 25, 2015

If only this were a gay wedding photo


Imagine His Holiness marrying a rabbi and an imam: "I now pronounce you married." No, it was just a lovely moment from today's interfaith service at the World Trade Center Memorial in lower Manhattan.

September 24, 2015

A gay Muslim filmmaker goes inside the Hajj

The Soft Bigotry of Ben Carson

Another excellent commentary by Charles Blow.

Pope: ‘Basis of marriage’ being called into question

Pope Francis said in his remarks to a joint meeting of Congress today:

Yet I cannot hide my concern for the family, which is threatened, perhaps as never before, from within and without. Fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family.

Your Holiness, my family is of value and is not a threat to anyone else's. Your church has denigrated our love and fought our civil rights and protections every step of the way. Please tell your brother bishops to stop it.

Cardinal turns down invitation to attend Dignity Mass

Mother Church is not that into you.

Gay theology pioneer John McNeill dies


Gay theology pioneer Fr. John McNeill has died. New Ways Ministry reports:

New Ways Ministry is greatly saddened at learning of the passing of John McNeill, the first Catholic theologian to critique and challenge the magisterium’s condemnation of same-gender sexual relationships. At the same time, we are deeply grateful to God for the courageous witness and ministry of this prophet, who never lost his faith or his courage despite being severely penalized and ostracized by the Vatican.

John McNeill’s landmark 1976 book, The Church and the Homosexual, was the first Catholic theological work to dispute the official Catholic moral prohibition of same-gender sexual activity and relationships. A Jesuit priest at the time, McNeill was also a licensed psychotherapist who also held a doctorate in theology. IN the book, he used arguments from both the human sciences and the Catholic scholarly tradition to point out that the prohibition was pastorally harmful and theologically incorrect.

Rest in peace, Fr. McNeill.